VIDEO: Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte: Only 3 Million Jews Died In Holocaust!

Good Morning Sedevacantists! We Have TWO POPES! You Don't! Would You Like To Borrow One Of Ours! LOL! Signed Mélanie


Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte Cancels All Joint Military Exercises Of Filipino And American Troops, So Duterte Can Focus On Destroying The Catholic Church In The Philippines!

Bizarre! Just Days After Morocco's Rock Archway Crumbles To Dust On Atlantic Coast, Angela Merkel Accepts King's Invitation To Morocco!

Evil Portent For The TWO POPES! One Of Morocco Archways Regarded As Natural Wonder At Legzira Beach, On The Atlantic Coast Crumbles Into DUST!

Pope Francis Tells Me To Lay Off The Booze! Then Makes Me Drive One Hour To Latin Mass!

Good Morning Everyone! We Truly Have Two Popes! Signed, Vittorio Messori & Mélanie of La Salette

Good Morning, Everybody! We Have TWO SHAKY, SERVILE, DOUBTFUL POPES! Signed, Mélanie

Driving Home One Hour After Attending Latin Mass Because Of The TWO POPES!

Driving One Hour To Latin Mass Because Of The Two Popes & The New Evangelization!

Video: Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte Does F*CK YOU Francis Fridays!

World Bank Advising Philippines President Duterte To Make Mindanao An Independent MUSLIM STATE GOVERNED BY SHARIA LAW

George Soros Paid Me Five Bucks To Shut Down F*c*k You Francis Fridays!

False Peace Pope Assures Us That "There Is No God Of War"...But There Is A LORD OF EARTHQUAKES......In...3...2...1....

Vatican Worried About Coming Pestlience & Plague? Vatican Sec.Of State Addresses Antimicrobial Resistance At UN

We Have No Emperor So This Will Fall On Deaf Ears: With Burning Concern: We Accuse Pope Francis Featured Written by The Remnant and Catholic Family News

POPE FRANCIS MUSLIM DIALOGUE DOOM NOVENA: Pope Meets With Abu Dhabi Crown Prince & Days Later Muslim Goes On Stabbing Spree In Minnesota & Muslim Sets Off Bombs In NJ & NY

"Fight, Children Of Light, You, The Few Who Can See. For Now Is The Time Of All Times, The End Of All Ends."

Mélanie Of La Salette On The Timing Of Coming 35 Years+ Chastisements: The TWO Popes Must Die First

Stopping For A Smoke & Reflecting On The TWO HEADED PAPACY While Driving One Hour Back Home After Latin Mass!

TWO SHEPHERDS & TWO POPES: The Shrine Of Our Lady of La Salette Will Celebrate On Monday The 170th Anniversary Of The Apparition Of The Virgin Mary With Two Shepherds.

Two Headed Pope Making Me Drive One Hour To Latin Mass!

Pope Francis Quotes La Salette Mystic Leon Bloy In His First Homily In The Sistine Chapel: Cryptic Message?

Pope Francis Will Never Be Deposed! Because There Has To Be TWO POPES! Signed, Melanie

Pope Benedict Fulfilling Melanie's TWO POPES: “It As Clear To Me That I Had To Do It And That This Was The Right Moment,”

Good Morning, Everybody! We Have No Roman Emperor! But We DOOO Have TWO POPES! Signed, Mélanie