Put Down Cell Phone! Pick Up Crucifix For Lent!

Catholic Church In The Philippines Hiding Those Targeted By President Rodrigo Duterte!!

Bringing Back The Divinely Ordained Authority Of The Holy Roman Emperor?.......Don't You Know That It's Insane?

My Babushka Was On The Front Steps Waiting For Me After I Attended Latin Mass One Hour Away.....

Stump A RAD TRAD Game: Who Said It? Pope Francis Or Trump?

RAD TRADS Condemn Pope's Visit To "All Saints" Anglican Church! RAD TRADS Praise President Donald Trump Visit To Episcopal National Cathedral!

Catholics Protest Duterte

Head Of The Copt Church Pope Tawadros II of Alexandria Signs The DUBIA! Rad Trads Embolden!!

You Stay Here & Sew While I Drive One Hour To Latin Mass Because Of The TWO POPES!

Self Proclaimed Prophet Steve Skojec Subconsciously Prophesied That Cardinal Burke Maybe HARMED!

Good Morning Everybody! We Have TWO CAT WOMEN & TWO POPES! Signed Mélanie

LOL Assassin CCTV Video Of Kim Jong-nam Murder...LOL....

Wanna Ride One Hour To Latin Mass With Me? I'll Toss You For It! Heads I Win........

Meet Pope Francis' New Man Servant Amar Hussein: Pope To Adopt MUSLIM Who Murdered 500 Civilians And Raped 200 Women.......

LOL Assassin Poisoned Kim Jong-un's Half Brother Just Like In The Movie THE INTERVIEW!

Pope Francis: "Muslim Terrorism Does Not Exist!"

Pope Francis Versus CCTV Camera: Muslim Terrorism Does Not Exist! CCTV Camera In Pakistan Shrine Says Otherwise......

Serenade Me All You Want...Still No Chicks On Board When I Drive One Hour To Latin Mass!

Pope's BIG BOMB: Fellay As Archbishop Of Mainz & Calling For Imperial Election To Elect Roman Emperor!

POPE FRANCIS DOOM NOVENA: Over 120 Dead In Pakistani MUSLIM Terror Attacks In Lahore & At Shrine Of Lal Shahbaz Qalandar, Pakistan

As A Joke The Vatican Sends One More Snake (Burke) To Snake Infested Guam

Good Morning Everybody We Have TWO GENDERS & TWO POPES! Signed Mélanie

Looks Like The Lay Rad Trad Bloggers Got It Wrong - Again! LOL!

Good Morning Everybody We Have ONE Oroville Dam Burst & TWO POPES! Signed Mélanie

SAINT LOUIS CATHOLIC BLOG Calling For The Assassination Of Non-Pope Francis?

Go Ahead & Regularize! Because Bishop Fellay Was NEVER Pictured With Cardinal Burke!

No! No Women On Board When I Drive One Hour To Latin Mass

POPE DOOM! Chinese Chemical Plant Explodes As Vatican Hosts Chinese Organ Trafficking Guru Huang Jiefu! What?

Latin Mass Traditionalists Must Kick Out The BURKITES!