Pope Francis Walks To The Dentist To Get His Last Remaining WISDOM Tooth REMOVED!

Head Of The Roman Catholic Church: "It Is A Temptation To Say, I Am The Church You Are The Sect. Jesus Prayed For Unity. The Holy Spirit Is The Diversity In The Church. He Makes All The Difference. But Then The Holy Spirit that Makes The Church Is A Unity And Diversity. A Diversity Reconciled To The Holy Spirit."

The Head Of The Roman Catholic Church: "I Was Not Aware It Was The Feast Of St. Anne."

Ingresso di Papa Francesco nella Chiesa Evangelica della Riconciliazione di Caserta

Seconda visita a Caserta del Papa Francesco per incontrare il Pastore Traettino

Terra dei Fuochi: la visita di Papa Francesco a Caserta

False Peace Pope Francis On His Failed Peace In Ukraine, Iraq & Gaza: Stop! I Am Asking You With All My Heart. Stop!

Delusional Judge Jeanine Pirro: “And I Mean No Disrespect, But It Is Time For The Papacy And Pope Francis In Particular To Start Protecting His Christian Flock.”

Death And Destruction Follow Pope Francis: Sends Another Telegram Of Prayers In Response To Another Downed Plane (Air Algerie Flight 5017) How Long Before The Next Plane Crash???

After Buying Gas I Sometimes Just Eat A Banana On The Way Home After Driving One Hour To Latin Mass Because Of Pope Francis & The New Evangelization!

Death & Destruction Follow Pope Francis! Announces Philadelphia Visit To Attend The World Meeting Of Families In 2015 & On The Very Next Day Three Philadelphia Siblings Are Killed By Carjacker Who Plowed Into Fruit Stand!

I Have To Drive One Hour To Latin Mass Because Of Pope Francis & The New Evangelization!


Same Tweets Just Revised Photos! Graphic Photos From Khaled Sharrouf's Twitter Account Showing The Fruit Of Pope Francis' Dialogue With Muslims!

Video: ISIS Muslims Put Into Practice What Pope Francis Preaches: “The Cross Is Not An Ornament That We Must Always Put In The Churches!" The Cross Is No Longr Necessary In Mosul!

The World Burns & Pope Francis Is Hosting “Interreligious Soccer Match For Peace” 1 September 2014 At The Olympic Stadium In Rome!

Pope Francis Sends Up Prayers & A Telegram For The TransAsia Flight GE222 Crash In Magong Killing 48 & On The Very Same Day Another Plane AH5017 Crashes In Mali Killing 116!

Pope Francis Prays For 298 Souls That Perished On Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 & One Week Later 46 Souls Perish In TransAsia Flight GE222!

Video Evidence Pope Francis Refuses To Give His Blessing To The Poor, Old, Sick & Lame!

Five Mosul Catholic Families Convert To Islam: Will Pope Francis Bless Their Conversion?

Le Figaro Asks Why The Silence On The Persecution Of Mosul Catholics? Answer: Waiting For Pope Francis To Give The Green Light For Mosul Catholics To Convert To Islam!

No Need To Convert To The Catholic Faith! Will Pope Francis Grant Dispensation To Iraqi Catholics In Mosul To Convert To Islam To Resolve The Armed Conflicts?

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Just Days Before Pope Francis Was to Meet His Friend Evangelical Bishop Tony Palmer - He Dies In Motorcycle Accident!

Pope Francis Telephones Shimon Peres To Seek End To Bloodshed & This Is How The Jew Responds: Raw Footage Of Jews Storming Mosque In Jerusalem

False Peace Pope Francis Prays For False Peace In The Middle East & Cheering Israeli Tank Commanders Give The Peace Sign After Killing 65 Non-Jew Civilians!