St Bernard On The Pontificate Of Francis

Go to, let us yet with more diligence search out Who thou art, and what person thou bearest in the Church of God for the time.

Who art thou?

Thou art the great Priest, the highest Bishop.

Thou art Prince of the Bishops.

Thou art heir of the Apostle.

Thou in Primacy art Abel

In Government Noe

In Patriarchship Abraham

In Order Melchisedech.

In Dignity Aaron.

In Authority Moses.

In Judicature Samuel.

In Power Peter.

In Unction Christ.

Thou art he, to whom the keys were given, and the sheep committed. There are truly other Porters of Heaven and Pastors of flocks: but thou so much more gloriously, as thou hast inherited a better name then they.

They have their flocks assigned to them, to each of them, one a piece; but to thee all are committed as one flock to one man. Thou also are Pastor of the Pastors themselves.

Ad Eugen. de consid. lib.i.c.8


  1. This is so beautiful. If only we had a pope.

    1. Yes too bad for you Jews....maybe you should convert and become a Roman Catholic then you too could have a Pope

  2. Interesting stuff:

    So here is a letter approved by Pope Francis, from the CDF under its allegedly "universalist" new head Ladaria, which reaffirms the necessity of Christ for salvation and the necessity of the Sacraments!

    Watch as absolutely NO Rad Trads refer to this, because it contradicts their asinine narrative about the Pope and Ladaria being Universalist heretics.

    As for the "anonymous" Jew or Protestant above, stop indulging in Onanism in front of your keyboard. Use this holy season to pray, fast, give alms, do penance and return weeping to Christ and His Church.

  3. DXV, can you please not allow people to post the kind of obscenity that was in the quote above.

    1. What is obscene in it? Onanism? Asinine? Get a dictionary. You're as bad as that Protestant clown who thought "bibliophile" meant some sort of sexual perversion.

  4. Accusing people of masturbation is obscene.

    1. You obviously have never heard of a metaphor, or heard Benedict XVI's opinion on New Age Buddhism. You sound rather whiny and effeminate. Man up!

  5. Onanism: Biblical character. In the Book of Genesis Onan was commanded by his father to impregnate the widow of his slain brother and to raise the offspring of the union. In order to avoid raising descendants for his late brother, however, Onan engaged in coitus interruptus.

  6. I know what Onanism is. Professor Q said I practice it in front of my keyboard. This means masturbating.

    I made a comment on a post a while back and this same gentleman said I masturbate with guns.

    Seems like his response to almost everything has to do with masturbation.

    Don't you have rules against speaking filth in your comments section?

    1. Did you hear the one about the Catholic couple from Peru Masturbating with a MORTAR BOMB!!! She died of course.......

  7. Dear Anonymous,

    Since you seem to be intellectually as well as theologically and morally challenged, let me spell it out to you in simple language:

    The references to "masturbation" (or as our British friends would put it, "wanking") are metaphorical.

    They refer to the tendency of Mad Rad Trads to keep repeating the same tired old phrases, accusations and shibboleths in front of their keyboards, instead of doing something more constructive with their time.

    In France, such activities are referred to as "peigne-zizi" (literally "combing your willy", but in metaphorical terms, "wasting your time doing self-stimulatory but fruitless activities".)

    I mean, look at your "icons".

    Mundabor, Domet and Spalding are all fervent defenders of an open sodomite and blasphemer, simply because he shares some political and stylistic views with them.

    Fr. Z is an overweight man who really needs to stop posting food porn on his blog.

    Phil Lawler (your most recent convert) is a bought-and-paid member of the usury / economic injustice cabal.

    Richard Williamson thinks Maria Valtorta's books are great.

    Schismatic "monk" blogger "Brother Aurelius" is a racist (and I use this term literally, not in the sense that angry women on Tumblr do.)

    Traditionalist blogger "Beefy" works for the Muslim sexual pervert Roosh V., and claims that by doing so, he is "winning".

    The sad truth is that your "factions" (actually "schisms") are as riddled with error and sin as the so-called "Conciliar Church". We all sin, and we all need to repent. Stop your self-congratulatory "we are pure and the Novus Ordo are EEVIL!" wankery, and take a good hard look in the mirror first.

  8. Addendum to the above comment:

    These are the blasphemous writings of what Rad Mad Trads consider a hero and an "anonymous Catholic"


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