Due To Budgetary Constraints ($1.82 buys a 24 Ouncer Of 211 Malt liquor ) I Am Forced To Show Three Stooges Videos As Exclusive Commentary On The Synod. I Hope The Videos Are Edifying And Educational…..And Yea I’m The Guy Who Is Suppose To Restore The Divinely Ordained Authority Of The Holy Roman Emperor…..Go Figure…..


  1. Hey man, to be honest with you, I've proudly been saving money on beer by drinking Steel Reserve (211) for a few years. You might also try Nati Daddy.

  2. I'll look for it! Not in my area yet

  3. Oh I get it now, you're the Angelic Shepherd or one of his magic helpers! Well then you've got a lot of work to do. Eric Gajewski could sure use your help getting his "Ego" on.


  4. I think Eric is a monarchist. Like most traditionalists Eric does not like Universal Political Authority. So he would not want to help to restore the Divinely Ordained Authority of the Holy Roman Emperor.

    What do you meditate on during Advent?

    You do understand that Jesus Mary & Joseph subjected themselves to the Universal Authority of the Roman Emperor once pagan now Catholic.

    You are still one of my muses.....have you not been paying attention?

    1. Oh, I'm 100% on board with the return of a Holy Roman Emperor. It's just that the only guy I know who can actually restore it is the Pope, and the only guy who can uphold it is the Emperor. Just in case you were 100% serious about being "the guy". Besides, you'll need a better handle than dxv 515 if you become Emperor and/or Pope!

  5. ah...the pope can not restore the HRE. It is the Imperial Electors who are to elect the Holy Roman Emperor. It is an elective office so no one can claim to be HRE unless he is elected by the seven Imperial Electors which obviously has not happened yet.

    As for dxv515 I know you are pulling my leg.

    I bet you've read the Divine Comedy

    As for the guy - yes I am the only one (besides long dead Ockham) to use the phrase Divinely Ordained Authority of the Holy Roman Emperor,its about time for professional catholic writers to use the same and demand an Imperial Election - all else will follow.

    1. I guess Leo III didn't get the memo when he selected and crowned Charlie the Great all by himself! Hey, I have no objection to Prince-Electors but let's not forget the origin of the Holy Roman Empire. Let's also not forget that there has never been a Holy Roman Emperor not crowned by a Pope. No Pope = No Emperor. King of the Romans maybe, but no Emperors! However it shakes out though, I'm all for it. I'm just glad you don't have an identity crisis.

      Don't worry about the name I got you covered... The Mighty DVX! No? You get a free movie tie-in!

    2. Are you saying the the authority of the Roman Emperor is not directly from GOD? LOL!

    3. oh and please refute Dante see here http://romancatholicimperialist.blogspot.com/2015/10/the-authority-of-roman-emperor-is.html and please take your time....LOL!

    4. No Pope = No Emperor....er...LOL!

      No Emperor = Barack Obama, Stalin, Hitler, Hillary Clinton...LOL!

      I bet you have a identity crisis of sorts when you cast your ballot after ballot and you get the same results!!

      Oh and again what do you meditate on during Advent?

      The second person of the Blessed Trinity the word made flesh enrolls himself in the census of Caesar!

      Blessed Mother is not too pleased with mockery of the Divinely Ordained Authority of the Roman Emperor - once pagan now Catholic....Again the Mother of God submitted to the Roman Emperor.

      The Holy family has nothing to do with modern democracy.

      You are a fantastic muse!

    5. Do I amuse you? I make you laugh? Hey, I'm trying to agree with you here man...

      Pay attention!

      Not once did I mention democracy. Haven't voted in years! My preference is the original Carolingian way... since the German practice of electing an Emperor before coronation only came to be after Otto I. Don't pretend the Carolingians didn't posses divinely ordained authority! Even with that practice, it is a fact of history that there was never an Emperor who was not crowned by the Pope, all others are Emperor-elects. That includes "Emperors" since Charlie V! Strip everything else away but you still need a Papal coronation.

      There's no getting around it! You need the Pope part of the formal process. No amount of bishops or princes could ever match the divinely ordained authority of the Pope. We also know from prophecy that we will have a holy Pope to carry this coronation out, whether or not the rest of the remaining Prince-Electors ever wake up. That's why I'm not too worried about it.

      I'm not sure what you have a problem with here!

      It goes without saying he will be of royal blood.We've got barrels of prophecies by recognized saints regarding the Great Monarch and Last Emperor and none of them mention a restoration of the Kurfürsten. That's cool if you want to see that happen but either way it will take a miracle.

      Of course Caesar had power given to him from above, but he wasn't sanctified and he wasn't a Holy Roman Emperor. As the Vicar of Christ, the Pope has had the power and duty to change this fallen state of affairs from the very beginning, which is precisely why St. Peter was lead to the very seat of the Roman Empire itself! He was sent not to destroy it, but to direct it into the service of God. Like I said, no Pope, no Emperor.

      On Advent I meditate on the early life of Christ, this time I might meditate on getting a clear line of thought on this page! Have you been drinking those 211s? Maybe it ought to be dxv 211! Take one down and pass it around...

    6. A Papal Coronation does not grant power to the Roman Emperor, it never has and never will. The Pagan Roman Emperors were never crowned by the Pope. But still their power was directly from the Blessed Trinity and not from the pope, or men. The Divinely Ordained Authority of the Roman Emperor had been given the power by God to put Jesus to death on the cross as Pope St Peter fled. St Peter did not give power to Tiberius to put Jesus to death! That power to put the Son of God to death came directly from God the Father.


      Jesus consented to the Divinely Ordained authority of the Roman Emperor at His birth and at His Death. No Roman Catholic today can say the same.

      REMEMBER: Jesus answered: Thou shouldst not have any power against me, unless it were given thee from above.

      Blessed Trinity To Tiberius To Pilate.

      Again when you say No Pope = No Emperor tells me that you ignore the pagan roman emperors as if they do not matter. You are not allowed to ignore what went before St. Constantine. Dante and Ockham never ignored the Pagan Roman Emperors.

      And please be careful about 'blood lines' any man can claim royal blood, after all we all come from our first parents Adam & Eve.

      This why I do not like monarchist because they worship a man's blood line.

      Imperial Electors are called PROCLAIMERS OF DIVINE PROVIDENCE because they elected the man chosen by the Blessed Trinity.

      Modern day kings are elected by the will of men.

      Big difference & very serious business.

      And I hope your Advent is beneficial to your spiritual life please by all means use the meditations I post and the writings of the Church Fathers on what hinders the manifestation of the Antichrist - I will post these as well during Advent.

    7. Allow me to make a distinction here, I'm not saying that pagan emperors didn't matter or couldn't work for God in spite of themselves. The nature of their authority is a reflection of God's own. Rather, if we want a true Catholic Restoration, we must have a Holy Catholic Roman Emperor and a Holy Pope to clear out the wreckage that currently exists at the top.

      You can't have a Holy Roman Emperor without the Pope, and no Pope would bother crowning a Holy Roman Emperor at this point unless he were an obvious candidate for sainthood. By many accounts, we are due a restoration before the advent of the Antichrist and these two personalities are all we have to look forward to in the face of all this Satanic interference. One will represent Christ's High Priesthood and the other will represent Christ's Divine Kingship in a way we've never seen before. There are good things to look forward to, we just have to grit our teeth and bare the pain of apostasy right now.

      In the meantime I find gallows humor a decent way of coping and that, my fine five-fifteen friend, is where you come in!

      Technically you could have an Emperor somewhere down the line who doesn't have anything to do with the Pope, but he's far less likely to be elected by a group of miraculous converts than he is to be crowned by an actual Pope who read his job desription. It also helps that he appears alongside the GCM in various prophecies. If you're envisioning an Emperor vs Pope situation, that's a unique view for sure, but it's not one I can agree with. A true Restoration will necessarily include both men, anything less simply won't go the distance.

  6. Why do you like William of Ockham so much? He had several ideas that came pretty close to being condemned by the Church.

    1. Ockham & Dante both defended the rights of the Emperor against the attacks of Popes on the rights of the Emperor. Both Pope and Emperor are meant to rule the world. The Pope in spiritual matters & the Emperor in Temporal matter. Because of the envy the popes had against the temporal authority of the Emperor we now are ruled by Democracy. Both Dante and Ockham warned that this would happen.

      You've got to wonder why Traditionalist attack Ockham every chance they get and claim that Ockham is the father of Martin Luther father of Protestantism and Modern democracy. Which of course ridiculous considering that Protestantism & democracy were created 200 years & 500 years after the death of Ockham. And yet these very same Traditionalists who accuse Ockham of being the father of democracy will vote in every election and will form eccumenical bonds with heretics in politics. It ridiculous that what Traditionalist accuse Ockham of they themselves engage in!

      If Ockham was every condemned the "church" I would like to see Ockham's response.....maybe churchmen waited until Ockham was dead.

      And hey, the current state of the Church & world is confirmation that Ockham and Dante were right. The whole can ignore both men both I never will.

  7. Oh yea...I would like to see a traditionalist refute Ockham on his defense of the temporal Authority of the Roman Emperor against the Pope. If Ockham is so wrong maybe a modern day traditionalist should condemn Ockham - the funny thing is that traditionalist would end up defending modern democracy by attacking Ockham! LOL!


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