#RIOTS2020: No Public Catholic Masses Held For Three Months In All The Cities That Saw Riots 30 MAY 2020

#RIOTS2020: LA, Seattle, Nashville, Oklahoma City, Salt Lake City, Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, NYC, DC...Philly, Miami, Vegas, Cleveland, Denver, Des Moines, Dallas, Indianapolis, Charlotte, Kansas City... Pittsburgh, Columbia, Wilmington, Portland, Phoenix, Tampa...

John Rao Declares Alexander Tschugguel The Leader Of Trad Clan! A Committee Of All Trad Clan Leaders Must Form With Alexander Tschugguel As Leader!

My North Korean Banker Just Sent Me A Mix Tape: You Can Do A Lot With Four American Dollars....I Don't Believe In Pennies, And Nickels And Dimes, And Dollars, And Pesos, And Pounds, And Rupees, And Yen, And Rubles, No Dinero

Oh Here We Go...Dr Taylor Marshall Claims That Alexander Tschugguel Is The Great Monarch!

I Pray For The Destruction Of The Space Industry During Sunday Mass: Richard Branson's Virgin Orbit FAILS


Yes, Las Vegas Bishop George Leo Thomas, Ph.D., Is Asking Vengeance, And Vengeance Is Hanging Over His Head: REFUSES TO OPEN CHURCHES FOE MASS

Bishop Athanasius Schneider: Coronavirus Is Punishment for Communion in the Hand

New Mass Mess: Pope Francis Calls During Gospel - And Phone Call Comes First

Happy 515! Dante's 515 & Benedict's Paragraph 67

HAPPY 515! The 515 International Peace Treaty Prohibiting The Restoration Of The Habsburg Monarchy 15 MAY 1955

HAPPY 515!

Toldya! Voris Wants Viganò For Pope.......Two-Faced Napoleon Wishes To Make Himself Pope As Well As Emperor

My New Female Korean Handler Just Sent Me A Mix Tape: If Somebody Hurts You Then I'm Gonna Kill Somebody For You I Wanna Be Your Sister..What?

Korea DOOM: Just Weeks After Moving My Twitter Account To PYONGYANG A Korean Fishing Boat Rams Russian Cargo Ship

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò Forges The Signatures Of Cardinal Sarah And Bishop Joseph Strickland For His Viganò Covid One World Letter.....

US Catholic Bishops/Wicked Shepherds/Hirelings Demand That Communion Should Be Distributed After Mass.......

Good Morning Everybody It's May 2020 And We Still Got TWO POPES ~ Signed Mélanie

Korea DOOM: Gunfire Exchanged Across Border Between North And South Korea.....THE SOUND OF GUNFIRE, OFF IN THE DISTANCE, I'M GETTING USED TO IT NOW....

Our Lady Of La Salette On Italy Riots.... Blood Will Flow On All Sides....Italian Cops Beat Man For Riding Bike.....