Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter (FSSP) Gun Culture Kills Another Priest: Gun Enthusiast Fr. Evan Harkins Blows His Brains Out.....

Guns Owned By Priests of FSSP 
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Following post from 2018 on the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter FSSP Gun Culture:


Another Gun Enthusiast/Priest killed himself with his own gun:

Priest involved in suicide near St. James Church

An official with the Catholic Diocese of Kansas City and St. Joseph confirmed a priest died by suicide Tuesday morning on St. James Church property.

Jeremy Lillig, communications director for the Catholic Diocese of Kansas City and St. Joseph, said the Rev. Evan Harkins took his own life. According to Lillig, Harkins did not show up for morning Mass.

He added that a communication will be sent out to parents who have children in the school.

St. Joseph police responded to a shooting call at the location Tuesday morning. According to Captain Jeff Wilson of the St. Joseph Police Department, the incident occurred in a "private area."

A News-Press NOW reporter on scene saw uniformed police officers and detectives enter the rectory, which is adjacent to the main church entrance off King Hill Avenue.

Wilson said the neighboring school was never in danger.

An all-city Mass including students from the city's Catholic schools scheduled for Wednesday at LeBlond High School has been postponed.

According to Harkins' LinkedIn page, he served as a parochial administrator for St. Patrick's church in addition to his role as pastor at St. James. He also served as an administrator for St. Rose of Lima in Savannah.

Harkins had served as a pastor at St. James beginning in 2012, according to the church's website.

"In the face of this devastatingly tragic news, we ask that you pray for Fr. Harkins, his family, and the parish and school communities that he served as well as all of our priests," the diocese said in a statement. "We will communicate further as we are able." Source

Strange thing occurred 

Rev. Evan Harkins regularly attended Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter (FFSP) retreats at Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles in Gower, Missouri.

Eyewitness account Fr. Harkins's bizarre behavior as told by the Abbess:

He arranged and attended a monthly priest gathering at our retreat house, and he was just on a private retreat here at our monastery last week... he had begun suffering from certain panic and anxieties over things that would never had bothered him before. The Sisters who interacted with him at the retreat house could sense that he just wasn’t himself, as did our chaplain who was able to speak to him at greater length Source

That makes two dead priests killed by the FSSP gun culture.

Awhile back a reader of this blog asked me to tell him more about the FSSP culture.....

I guess some dead Traditional Priests chose to ignore the traditional Canon 138....

Canon 138. Clerics must abstain from all things that are unbecoming arts; not play games of chance with money; not carry weapons, unless there is justified cause for fear; not indulge in hunting and never in that kind of hunting that is done with much display and publicity; not visit saloons and places of the same nature except in cases of necessity for any other just cause approved by the Ordinary


  1. The two FSSP "priests" who got murdered by the criminal in New Mexico (or maybe Arizona) back in 2013 might not have been murdered if they had had a little *more* gun culture.

    1. No. The priest was murdered with the gun they kept in the rectory. Target practice for a Priest didn't help. Priest should never possess firearms.

    2. Well, I don't know who you've been talking to, but most priests I know have guns, usually more than one.

    3. Trad Priest ignore Canon 138?

      Canon 138. Clerics must abstain from all things that are unbecoming arts; not play games of chance with money; not carry weapons, unless there is justified cause for fear; not indulge in hunting and never in that kind of hunting that is done with much display and publicity; not visit saloons and places of the same nature except in cases of necessity for any other just cause approved by the Ordinary

    4. Did you read that canon? It says clerics can carry weapons if there is justified cause for fear. Did the FSSP "priests" (doubtfully ordained in the new rite) not have justified cause for fear?

      And I'm not talking about only FSSP "priests". Actually I don't know any of those. But most trad priests I know own guns, as I said, and often more than one. Owning weapons is a pretty normal thing for most people, contrary to what you have learned from the liberal media.

    5. That law was written in Italy by Italians, where the murder rate is basically zero. If they had any idea what the rate of violent crime is in the United States, they would certainly consider that just cause for fear. Your application of canon law to the United States is flawed by a normalcy bias that considers the rate of violent crime in this country to be normal. It isn't normal by any stretch.

    6. No the priests did not and do not have justified cause for fear. They should trust in Divine Providence just like I have to. Their only fear should be fear of the lord.

      You carry a gun to Mass? Then you are one who is only present at Mass (as Our Lady Of La Salette says) to crucify my Son again!

      Hey did you get permission from the Holy Roman Emperor to carry a weapon?


      Why not?

      Because there is no Holy Roman Emperor

      And even if there was a Holy Roman Emperor to rule and subject Roman Catholic laymen - you would still not submit to a rightful Divinely Ordained Temporal Authority.

      Because you are of Cain strapping a gun to your belly and hide yourself in the Latin Mass Pews..

      Because the Mystery of Iniquity already worketh.....

      You and you lot will be the ones to Murder the Fatima Pope and Faithful on top a steep Mountain....

    7. Oh another simple observation - the persecution of Roman Catholic Priests during the reign of the Pagan Roman Emperors was far worse than any persecution faced by Priests today.

      Did the Roman Catholic Priests under the reign of Pagan Roman Emperor carry weapons?


      They trusted Divine providence.

    8. Oh one more from the Summa of St. Thomas:

      Article 4. Whether it is lawful for clerics to kill evil-doers?

      Objection 1. It would seem lawful for clerics to kill evil-doers. For clerics especially should fulfil the precept of the Apostle (1 Corinthians 4:16): "Be ye followers of me as I also am of Christ," whereby we are called upon to imitate God and His saints. Now the very God whom we worship puts evildoers to death, according to Psalm 135:10, "Who smote Egypt with their firstborn." Again Moses made the Levites slay twenty-three thousand men on account of the worship of the calf (Exodus 32), the priest Phinees slew the Israelite who went in to the woman of Madian (Numbers 25), Samuel killed Agag king of Amalec (1 Samuel 15), Elias slew the priests of Baal (1 Kings 18), Mathathias killed the man who went up to the altar to sacrifice (1 Maccabees 2); and, in the New Testament, Peter killed Ananias and Saphira (Acts 5). Therefore it seems that even clerics may kill evil-doers.

      Objection 2. Further, spiritual power is greater than the secular and is more united to God. Now the secular power as "God's minister" lawfully puts evil-doers to death, according to Romans 13:4. Much more therefore may clerics, who are God's ministers and have spiritual power, put evil-doers to death.

      Objection 3. Further, whosoever lawfully accepts an office, may lawfully exercise the functions of that office. Now it belongs to the princely office to slay evildoers, as stated above (Article 3). Therefore those clerics who are earthly princes may lawfully slay malefactors.

      On the contrary, It is written (1 Timothy 3:2-3): "It behooveth . . . a bishop to be without crime [Vulgate: 'blameless.' 'Without crime' is the reading in Titus 1:7] . . . not given to wine, no striker."

      I answer that, It is unlawful for clerics to kill, for two reasons. First, because they are chosen for the ministry of the altar, whereon is represented the Passion of Christ slain "Who, when He was struck did not strike [Vulgate: 'When He suffered, He threatened not']" (1 Peter 2:23). Therefore it becomes not clerics to strike or kill: for ministers should imitate their master, according to Sirach 10:2, "As the judge of the people is himself, so also are his ministers." The other reason is because clerics are entrusted with the ministry of the New Law, wherein no punishment of death or of bodily maiming is appointed: wherefore they should abstain from such things in order that they may be fitting ministers of the New Testament.

      Reply to Objection 1. God works in all things without exception whatever is right, yet in each one according to its mode. Wherefore everyone should imitate God in that which is specially becoming to him. Hence, though God slays evildoers even corporally, it does not follow that all should imitate Him in this. As regards Peter, he did not put Ananias and Saphira to death by his own authority or with his own hand, but published their death sentence pronounced by God. The Priests or Levites of the Old Testament were the ministers of the Old Law, which appointed corporal penalties, so that it was fitting for them to slay with their own hands.

      Reply to Objection 2. The ministry of clerics is concerned with better things than corporal slayings, namely with things pertaining to spiritual welfare, and so it is not fitting for them to meddle with minor matters.

      Reply to Objection 3. Ecclesiastical prelates accept the office of earthly princes, not that they may inflict capital punishment themselves, but that this may be carried into effect by others in virtue of their authority.

    9. you wonder you carry a piece...cause you can't defend your argument....

      Put down your gun and pick up a crucifix for lent.....see what happens.....

    10. Going back to that canon you cited, it said priests should not carry weapons unless there is justified cause for fear. So apparently it does allow them to carry weapons if there is justified cause for fear. That goes against your claims that priests should *never* carry weapons. It also goes against basically everything you've said in this discussion. The Church would never allow something evil under any circumstances.

    11. LOL!

      Name one Apostle who carried weapons.....

      and what happened to him.....

    12. Oh and I guess none of gun totting FSSP priests will ever be martyred at the Altar - cause they all have guns strapped to their belly underneath their Priestly Vestments...

    13. And lastly who has all the guns in the Vision of Fatima?

      Your side does.

  2. Misquoted canon law. Look it up.


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