What If Fatima's BAD COUNCIL Is The BAD COUNCIL That Deposes Pope Francis! LOL!

Mindanao Explodes! Duterte’s Men Bombed By MUSLIMS....

Good Morning Everybody! We Have TWO PRIORS & TWO POPES! Signed Mélanie

Pope Francis Doom Novena: DOOM For Brazil: Brazilian Football Team Die In Colombian Plane Crash

Pope Francis Warns Of ADVENT DOOM!

Costa Rica's President Solís Thanks Pope Francis For Prayers...DOOM To Follow...

POPE FRANCIS DOOM NOVENA! Pope Prays For Communities Struck By Natural Disasters


Cardinal Burke's DUBIA Hasn't Deposed Pope Francis! But It Has DEPOSED Prior Cassian Folsom Of NORCIA MONKS!

Stop By To See My Old Station Chief (COS) Who Is Now A Priest While Driving One Hour Home After Latin Mass....Because Of The TWO POPES & SNOWDEN....

Which Is It? Pope Francis Or Pope Benedict? Can't Be TWO POPES! LOL! Signed Mélanie

Good Morning Newly Created Cardinals You've Just Been Blessed By TWO POPES! Signed Mélanie

DOOM For CUBA! Pope Francis Sends Telegram For The Death Of Fidel Castro! CUBA Collapse To Follow! TRUMP To SEND In TROOPS!


Dear Novus Ordo Watch.Org: We Have TWO POPES! Signed Mélanie Shepherdess Of La Salette

Pope Francis DOOM Novena: Pope Gives Consistory BUS Ride To THREE USA Cardinals & FIVE CHILDREN DIE In Chattanooga BUS Crash

Cardinal Burke Drops Thousands Of DUBIA Leaflets From Plane On To Vatican City Hoping Pope Francis Picks One Up! LOL!

DOOM HAS ARRIVED! Meteorite Burns Across Sky Following Japanese Earthquake & Tsunami!

Layman Louie Declares Pope Francis Anti-Pope

Did The Four Dudia Cardinals Even Attend The Consistory For The Creation Of New Cardinals? WHY IS A SECOND COPY NECESSARY?

New CIA Director: Snowden Is A Dead Man! While I Have To Drive One Hour Back Home After Attending Latin Mass Because Of The Two Popes

Four Cardinals With DUBIA In Hand Walk Into A Bar - Bartender Pope Francis Looks Up & Says - WHAT IS THIS SOME KIND OF JOKE!

Pope Francis Admits He Sleeps Like A Log Just Like Jonah Did In The Ship's Hold While DOOM Approaches......

Pope Isn't Afraid Of Cardinal Burke & The Dubia BUT He Is Afraid Of The DOOM That Follows The New Cardinals Back Home

Duterte Promises To Fill The Philippines To The BRIM With MUSLIM Refugees...To Help Wipe Out Roman Catholics!

New CIA Director Wants SNOWDEN Dead! While I Have To Drive One Hour To Latin Mass Because Of The TWO POPES

Good Morning Everybody! We Still Have TWO POPES! Signed Mélanie: Pope, New Cardinals Visit Pope-Emeritus Benedict XVI