William Of Ockham A Prophet? Foresaw Pope Converting To ISLAM: The Pope Who Threw His Doors Open To Refugees

Look, this is not going to stop until every Catholic converts to Islam.

The Crux does another puff piece on the pope's policy of flooding Europe with Muslim invaders.

Somehow we are supposed to believe that what the Pope is doing with MUSLIMS is no different than what previous popes did with victims of earthquakes:
Francis, who has reserved to himself direct authority for refugees, is not the first pope to throw open the doors of the Vatican to those fleeing hardship. As history shows, some prerogatives remain Peter's.
Only an idiot would believe such rubbish.

Earthquakes destroyed churches.

Today, its the Muslims who are invited to live in our churches are the ones who destroy - no earthquake needed.

With the announcement of new dicastery set up to flood Europe with MUSLIM invaders:
For anyone paying attention, there was a surprise in Pope Francis’ announcement last week of the new dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development. Appointing the much respected Cardinal Peter Turkson of Ghana to be the new head of the newly reorganized dicastery to defend the rights of marginalized peoples and “attend to the inestimable goods of justice, peace, and the care of creation,” Francis threw a curveball. The Pope reserved to himself the direct responsibility, at least for the time being, for refugees.

From the savannahs of Africa, to the deserts of Syria and Iraq and the high seas of the Mediterranean - from where he brought back refugee families to live in Rome - to the European parliament, Francis calls to the refugees of the world, be they Christian, Muslim, Animist, Buddhist, or of no faith. Crux
We are coming closer to fulfilling Ockham's prophecy:

Here is Ockham on a future pope converting to ISLAM, raising an army made up of MUSLIMS to enforce Sharia Law upon Catholics:

Master: Let us assume that someone accuses another before the pope of being a heretic because the accused supposedly holds and asserts that the Christian faith is false, that the law of the Muslims should be embraced, and that Christ was a prophet both false and discredited. After the accusation and the ensuing judicial process, the pope renders a definitive judgement to the effect that the person accused is not a heretic because all of the aforementioned theses stated and asserted by him are true.

Student: Although this is a case that never happened and perhaps never will, I find it difficult to assert that it smacks of impossibility. For it seems that one cannot clearly demonstrate either by Holy Writ or by the doctrine of the church that no future pope will be the Antichrist. It is indeed probable that many Christians through their ancestors who were converted to the faith have long established roots to the tribe of Dan, from which some believe that the Antichrist will be born [For a discussion of this tradition see David Burr, Olivi's Peaceable Kingdom, Philadelphia 1993, p. 150]. And even in our time it is quite possible for someone from that tribe to accept the Christian faith, to have a son born to him, that son being subsequently elected pope, and afterwards clearly showing himself to be the Antichrist. And thus it cannot be known whether some Christian and future pope, with roots in the tribe of Dan, will be the Antichrist. It is, however, established that the Antichrist will unambiguously teach that the law of the Christians is false and that Christ was a false prophet. And the described case does not appear impossible because it is not known that no future pope will submit to the sect of the Muslims. For it may come to pass that even a pope who was at first catholic would begin to consider that the sect of the Muslims was better than the law of the Christians. This pope could initially develop such a strong secret friendship with the Muslims, that having summoned their military might to his side he would dare to openly assert that the Christian law was false and unjust, and force Christians to accept the law of the Muslims. Since it is indeed an established fact that many Christians (including clerks and religious) have been converted to the sect of the Muslims, it does not seem implausible that even a pope might arrive at such a huge insanity. For since a pope is not confirmed in faith (just as no others are), the same point must be contended in his case as is in that of others as to the possibility of being converted to the Muslims. Having therefore presented the suggested exemplary case, proceed to argue in favour of the aforementioned assertion. William Of Ockham