POPE DOOM! Chinese Chemical Plant Explodes As Vatican Hosts Chinese Organ Trafficking Guru Huang Jiefu! What?

The above explosion occur the day after the Vatican officials allowed Chinese ex-minister Huang Jiefu to organ trafficking talks
Vatican officials have defended their decision to invite a Chinese former deputy health minister to a conference on organ trafficking despite concerns that China still relies on the organs of executed prisoners in its transplant programme. Medical ethics experts and human rights activists have decried the move by the Pontifical Academy of Sciences to invite Huang Jiefu to a two-day conference starting on Tuesday that aims to expose organ trafficking and seeks to find “moral and appropriate solutions” to the issue. Wendy Rogers, a medical ethics expert at Macquarie University in Australia, said Huang’s inclusion in the conference, where there could be a meeting with Pope Francis, risked giving a propaganda boost to China and an “air of legitimacy” to its transplantation programme.
Here is Vatican organ trafficking summit issues statement