Pope's BIG BOMB: Fellay As Archbishop Of Mainz & Calling For Imperial Election To Elect Roman Emperor!

And the question about the “bomb” Perp Francers is preparing for the “whole world” is running around Rome journalist circles. Everyone seems to be talking about “the big one,” though no one knows exactly what it’s supposed to be. Source
The Big One?

What would rattle everyone?

After the regularization of the SSPX

Bishop Fellay picked as Archbishop of Mainz

As elector, Archbishop Fellay would call for an Imperial Election to elect the next Holy Roman Emperor......

Can't think of anything else that would turn the world upside down...

.....and anything less than the above would be no big bomb at all!

......and see I just conquered the world for Jesus Christ Crucified with no money and no standing army....


  1. That would absolutely make your day, wouldn't it? Lol. Have a great weekend, dxv

  2. Well unless that is he's finally making his public call for his new one world religion.


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