Le Figaro Asks Why The Silence On The Persecution Of Mosul Catholics? Answer: Waiting For Pope Francis To Give The Green Light For Mosul Catholics To Convert To Islam!

What's the west waiting for?

For Pope Francis to give the go ahead for all Mosul Catholics to convert to Islam.

Should be obvious to Le Figaro:
Vatican City, July 23, 2014 (Zenit.org) The silence of world leaders and the media in the face of the ethno-religious cleansing taking place in Iraq is becoming increasingly noticed. Today, Le Figaro, France's oldest and largest daily, questioned on its front page how long people in the West can ignore the persecutions of Christians taking place there. The editorial ran with the headline: "The Calvary of the Christians of Iraq." Its author, Étienne de Montety, called for the West to speak up, to not remain in silence and wondered how Christians and non-Christians can remain indifferent to the "terrifying procession of horrors, expulsions, murders in Mosul." De Montety pointed out that the Christians of Iraq were 1 million before the American intervention and now there are less than 400,000. "With each wave of vexations, violence, persecutions, they take the path of exodus," he said. He noted that both Pope Francis and the UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki Moon, have spoken out against the persecution and foreign ministries are worried and have been raising their tone. But he pointed out the irony that Europeans are usually "so eager" to have "mobilizations, petitions, demonstrations of every kind, but "in this case, nothing!" He wondered if the West will only be prompted to act if a massacre takes place outside the summer vacation period. Through silence, the writer stated, "we are persecuting." The newspaper article was first cited by the Rorate Caeli blog which said it was to Le Figaro's "greatest honor" that it chose to put the story on its front page. (D.C.L.)
Think of all the money saved if Pope Francis just gave the OK for Mosul Catholics to convert to Islam and live under Sharia law.

Have any of you ever heard of Pope Francis condemming Sharia law or comdeming Islam in general?


Just the opposite:
253. In order to sustain dialogue with Islam, suitable training is essential for all involved, not only so that they can be solidly and joyfully grounded in their own identity, but so that they can also acknowledge the values of others, appreciate the concerns underlying their demands and shed light on shared beliefs. We Christians should embrace with affection and respect Muslim immigrants to our countries in the same way that we hope and ask to be received and respected in countries of Islamic tradition. I ask and I humbly entreat those countries to grant Christians freedom to worship and to practice their faith, in light of the freedom which followers of Islam enjoy in Western countries! Faced with disconcerting episodes of violent fundamentalism, our respect for true followers of Islam should lead us to avoid hateful generalisations, for authentic Islam and the proper reading of the Koran are opposed to every form of violence. - Apostolic Exhortation Evangelii Gaudium of the Holy Father Francis to the Bishops, Clergy, Consecrated Persons and the Lay Faithful On the Proclamation of the Gospel In Today’s World
Count down to pope's green light for Mosul Catholics conversion to Islam in 3......2........1.......