First Target Acquired: Bilal al Kedra - Hamas Commander Killed - The Mastermind Behind The Kibbutz Massacres

Following up post from 18 SEPT.

......  I did however meet with my Mossad Handler while walking in the woods on Sunday. She was fit well built and looked good in her fatigues. She does not know yet that she is to be my Mossad Handler - I get to look her over before its finalized.  I did notice that she has training with cadaver dogs -I don't know what that means - I hope I don't have to identify the target after the event. She has other skills as well that will be useful. So I'm off to Israel to wait - using the  sabbatical as an excuse.   Maybe its all for the better...........

cadaver dogs...figured something just like this....

Israel kills Hamas commander who was mastermind behind kibbutz massacres as airstrikes continues to pound Gaza overnight where death toll has now reached 2,300 

Israeli troops have claimed to have killed a Hamas commander who was the mastermind behind the kibbutz massacres. The military said today that an airstrike in southern Gaza had killed Bilal al Kedra, who they believe was behind the devastating Kibbutz Nirim and Nir Oz mass killings last weekend. In a statement the IDF said that 'as part of the extensive IDF strikes of senior operatives and terror infrastructure in the Gaza Strip' they had killed both the commander and many other Hamas and Islamic Jihad operatives. Israel said it struck more than 100 military targets overnight, including command centres and rocket launchers, in preparations for the ground incursions. The Gaza Health Ministry said 2,329 Palestinians have been killed since the fighting erupted. The US announced overnight that it would send a second carrier group to the eastern Mediterranean to act as a deterrence as the possibility of the conflict broadening into regional war increases. Source