Tom Zimmer Prophecy: "President Trump Will Lead People Back To God?"

Tom Zimmer

It's making the rounds again..

Back in the 1980s, Tom Zimmer had told him (the doctor) that he had received a “premonition” and that he (Tom) believed that a certain man would lead America back to God. And that man would be none other than Donald J. Trump. Source

"President Trump Will Lead People Back To God?...yeah in a Nuclear Holocaust......(The TWO POPES must die first)


  1. Our Lady of Akita (which Cardinal Ratzinger said was a continuation of the Message of Fatima) said that unless we repented, and Catholics said the rosary as she asked, that "fire would fall from heaven". . . .
    I feel it coming soon. Many of my friends say the same . Those who worry themselves sick over climate change would do better to worry about rejecting sin, and going back to the Faith they have fallen away from; that's what "apostasy" is, --falling away from your faith little by little until you don't have it any more: even if you identify as "a cultural Catholic" or "spiritual, but not religious."

    1. how can you feel the heat of a fire that does not exist?


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