CIA Psych Eval Question: What Song Best Describes Your Working Relationship With The Agency? I'm Gonna Booglarize You, Baby

I failed the Psych Eval.

Was told to take a sabbatical and was escorted out of the building. Didn't tell me how long. I guess I'm now off the books.

I did however meet with my Mossad Handler while walking in the woods on Sunday. She was fit well built and looked good in her fatigues. She does not know yet that she is to be my Mossad Handler - I get to look her over before its finalized.

I did notice that she has training with cadaver dogs -I don't know what that means - I hope I don't have to identify the target after the event. She has other skills as well that will be useful. So I'm off to Israel to wait - using the  sabbatical as an excuse. 

Maybe its all for the better.

I knew I should have chosen Spandau Ballet's True or Gerry Gerry Rafferty's Baker Street.  I've posted them both below just in case you got caught off guard with I'm Gonna Booglarize You, Baby 

CIA, Office of Medical Services (OMS) 

Q: What happens when a CIA employee needs psychological services?

A: Psychological problems that occur in the context of an overseas assignment can be disruptive and costly. The success of CIA personnel is determined at least in part by their ability to maintain a low profile and function with relative anonymity. Employees in distress can draw unwanted attention to themselves and to their parent organization.

In the worst-case scenario, untreated problems can result in the exposure of clandestine activities and possibly even the loss of life. In the best-case scenario, mission-critical activities are unaffected but the individual must be returned home for appropriate treatment that often is not available overseas. Bringing an employee home can result in lost productivity, disruption of spousal employment, disruption of the education of children and a significant financial burden for the individual and the organization.

CIA psychologists are prepared to assist in the prevention and remediation of mental health problems wherever they occur. They travel extensively, providing routine consultations and responding to crises. Although travel in some parts of the world is difficult, CIA psychologists and psychiatrists can generally get to any employee in less than 24 hours. Pre-employment screening, pre-assignment screening and rapid response capabilities combine to minimize the number of employees and family members that must be returned home short of tour for mental health reasons.