Sensual Witch Denied Communion Tries To Steal Communion From Priest: "I Just Tried To Grab Another Cookie."

Rev. Fidel Rodriguez, 66, was attacked twice during Eucharists last Sunday by a woman who later claimed she was a "lesbian". The incident took place at St Thomas Aquinas Church in St Cloud, Florida, Diocese of Orlando. The woman first attended the 10am Eucharist, the First Communion of her niece. She stood in line for Communion, went up to the priest but didn't know what to do. The priest, realising that she had no knowledge of the sacrament, politely asked her when she had last received Communion. She replied that it had been many years. He asked her if she had gone to confession, to which she rudely replied, "I don't need to explain that to you". An hour later, at noon, the woman reappeared in the church for another Eucharist, also celebrated by Rev. Rodriguez. The woman was accompanied by her female concubine, whom the priest did not know. The same situation repeated itself. The fury presented herself again to Rev. Rodriguez and asked to be given Communion. He asked her if she had gone to confession between the two Eucharists. The woman became again angry, verbally attacking Rev. Rodriguez and disrupting the liturgy: "No, I don't need to explain to you, I don't need to give an explanation, you have no authority, you don't need to judge me". The priest replied: "I am not judging you. I'm just asking you, did you confess after the other Mass in order to receive Communion now? Because if you didn't confess, I can't give you communion". At this point she physically attacked the priest, reaching for the chalice to steal a host. In her own words: "I just tried to grab another cookie. ." She later claimed that Rev. Rodriguez took her hand, and bit it. In reality, he was acting in self-defence when she pushed her forearm in his face (KkTv-com video below). Rev Rodriguez later explained that he bit her "to defend myself and to defend the sacrament". After the incident, the violent woman called the police and presented herself as the victim, but refused to go to the hospital (because there was no injury). Since anyone who presents himself as a homosexual is considered a sacred cow by Western regimes, the priest who did his duty was charged with "battery". At least the Diocese of Orlando issued a statement on Thursday supporting the priest's efforts to defend the Eucharist. Source