FBI Nudged Me Into A CIA Black Site (Joliet Prison) When I Set Fire To The Place And Made My Escape: I Was Locked Inside A Basement The Guards Went On Vacation While I Plotted My Revolt

I was throttled to the ground
I was locked inside a basement
The guards went on vacation while I plotted my revolt
I was tired and confused
Doesn't look like that is changing
I'm a hallucination of myself at 3 years old

Goodbye, oh goodbye
Goodbye, oh goodbye


After weeks of torture the guards were leaving out the door for vacation when they looked back and wished me happy birthday......

FU you I said....

On May 30, 2017, one of the buildings (the mattress factory) in Joliet Correctional Center was heavily damaged by fire, the cause of which was later determined to be arson. This is the third building to be severely damaged or destroyed by fire at the facility......