Follow Up Post To Station Chief's: Give Me Something To Believe In Even If It's Not True I'll Have Blind Faith In You: ALEXA GOES DARK & Trump To Greenlight Putin!

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OK how about this: Donald Trump to 'greenlight' Putin's destruction of Ukraine......... 


Alexa to go dark LOL!

Get it?

Alexa Dark!

How about this:

Donald Trump to 'greenlight' Putin's destruction of Ukraine, ex-CIA chief claims Former CIA director John Brennan says he is "worried" about a possible second Donald Trump presidency - and fears it could spell disaster for Europe.A second Donald Trump presidency poses a risk to Ukraine in their fight against Russia, according to a former director of the CIA. John Brennan, who served as head of the intelligence service until 2017, says he is "worried" about poll data indicating a tight race between Trump and Democrat rival Joe Biden. Recalling a meeting with the Republican during his last term, Brennan said he felt Trump "wasn't quailfied then and isn't qualified now." He highlights NATO and the US relationship with foreign allies as an area that could suffer. Prominent GOP members have called for a re-assessment of funding to Ukraine as Washington has already supplied around $75 billion. And the former spy chief told France's RTBF he fears Trump could cut funding altogether. He said: "He can reduce or even stop financial and military aid to the government in Kyiv. "And that would give Vladimir Putin the green light to try to practically swallow Ukraine. "And unfortunately, I think that will encourage Putin to look hungrily at the rest of Europe." Brennan argues Ukraine and Europe would be safer under a second Joe Biden term. Biden, 81, and Trump, 78, are neck-and-neck in many leading polls. Source

And This:

Alexa goes dark after I post Alexa dark......