Eighth Fall 2023 Explosion: I Told The Wrong People I Was Going To Sasabe, Arizona - 10 IEDS With My Name On Them Found At Border

Sasabe, Arizona

Following up post from November 2021 


For the last two years I've been telling the wrong people that I was planning a retreat at a ranch near Sasbee, Arizona in November 2023 to read & study some material.

I told a couple I met  a few times in the woods about my desire to go to Sasabe in November. I thought that they were both working for some agency. 

I guess I was right.

Fortunately I was not able to make it to Sasabe in November -December.

All hell broke loose in November on the Mexico side in Sasabe:


Mexican military seize TEN IEDs at the US-Mexico border at Tucson: Border patrol agents are warned to be 'vigilant' as America is faced with unprecedented migrant surge 

Border patrol agents have been warned to be vigilant after Mexico's military seized ten improvised explosive devices (IEDs) at the border with Arizona as the US continues to see a surge of migrants. In an internal officer safety alert seen by Fox Business, border agents were told to 'exercise extreme caution and report any possible armed subjects with possible explosive devices.' It comes after Mexican officials found the IEDs on Wednesday after being alerted by US officials to a cartel turf war gunfight south of the border. The cartels are reportedly fighting for control of a gap in the border wall used for drug and human smuggling. Prior to the IEDs finding, US authorities had arrested a man on the US side who was armed with a loaded AK-47 rifle, two loaded AK magazines, loose rounds and a handgun. The man reportedly told border patrol agents about 11 armed suspects nearby. As agents heard gunfire coming from the Mexico side, the pulled back - before the Mexican military found the 10 explosive devices filled with shrapnel and black powder. Border patrol agents have previously reporting encountering migrants carrying IEDs. In September, border patrol agents found an abandoned backpack stuffed with a cannonball-sized IEDs and ammunition, as reported by News Nation. There were no migrants found at the scene. In May, US officials found an IED at the Arizona point of entry. The device was used made an M&M container wrapped with electrical tape. Human smugglers have been recently using a remote part of the Arizona desert to get migrants to the US. A shift in smuggling routes has brought an influx of migrants here from countries as diverse as Senegal, Bangladesh and China, prompting the Border Patrol to seek help from other federal agencies and drawing scrutiny to an issue critical in next year’s presidential elections. Source