RE-POST: Angel Of Light Mike Voris Attacks Our Lady Of La Salette & The SSPX!! Invokes Saint Catherine Of Sienna But Still Refuses To Suck EBOLA Wounds To Prove The Truth Of The Voris Doctrine!

Voris Has Still Yet To Suck EBOLA Wounds 
To Prove The Voris Doctrine Of Never Attacking A Heretic Pope

Originally Published 15 November 2014 (Where were you?)

The hits keep coming.

Some say that Voris is under some hypnotic Svengali type spell:

Definition of SVENGALI : a person who manipulates or exerts excessive control over another Origin of SVENGALI Svengali, villainous hypnotist in the novel Trilby (1894) by George du Maurier First Known Use: 1919 In this case Svengali is a man by the man of Terry Carroll. Apparently Mr.Carroll holds the purse strings to the operation and has placed a spell on the weak willed ex-News reporter.

Is Voris under a money spell?

I don't think its the money. I don't think he is trying to please his "boss"

Its much bigger than Terry Carroll.

Voris is too far gone - he is not visibly cracking under any pressure - other than Voris flying into a rage during his tirade against Cardinal Dolan published on Sep 8, 2014

Now granted Voris is reading from cue cards and is not flying solo and he has not gone too far off the rails in this video. He does have composure. Is he pretending to be passionate?

So something is amiss and I bet its not the money angle. No, something else is playing out here.

Defending a wicked and Heretical pope is from the pit of Hell. Voris is possessed. Voris is on the side of Hell. Voris is on the side of the Forerunner to the Antichrist.

So what to look for?

Voris attacking Our Lady of La Salette and Her message - increased attacks.

He has made reference to some false apparitions that Traditionalist are attached to. Voris does not come out and tell his audience what false apparition he is referring to. The only apparition that causes problems for Tradtionalists and conservative Catholics is Our Lady of La Salette. And no wonder why Melaine said that the wicked will hate the message because the wicked will see themselves in the words of Our Lady at La Salette. Voris is one of these wicked that sees himself in the message of La Salette.

Here is the latest on the mention of a nameless false apparition by Voris:

They see the crisis, correctly diagnose it, but offer the wrong cure. In some cases, the cure is more damaging than the disease.&nbsp This is simply too much for some simple souls to hear and they are driven to spiritual despair—and as a result they go in search of solace in false apparitions that align with their fears and/or they leave the Church and begin attending Mass in various schismatic groups like the SSPX or sedevacantist groups—those who deny there is actually a valid pope.

The constant drumbeat of “The Pope is BAD” eventually wears down these simple souls. Church Militant TV Transcript 


Hey don't be surprised at the path Voris has taken. It will lead up a steep mountain one day with Voris lying in wait to kill the Fatima Pope and faithful. Voris will be a soldier in the Army of the Forerunner to the Antichrist? Or is Voris the Forerunner to the Antichrist? Too early to tell. But he is a possible candidate, only for his obstinacy in defending a wicked and heretical pope. No one in his right mind would defend the words and actions of this pope, unless someone was doing the will of Satan.