Man Describes Rad Trad Family Member Screaming During Latin Mass...... I Heard A Screeching. Between A Screech And A Whistle......SCREEEEEEEEEEECH....

Two Buffoons who helped to destroy the Silence of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass:

“Children cry, they are noisy, they don’t stop moving. But it really irritates me when I see a child crying in church and someone says they must go out. God’s voice is in a child’s tears: they must never be kicked out of church.” Pope Francis 

 "If your Mass ain't crying - it's dying" - Taylor Marshall

Church Fathers on Silence during Mass.. 

Nothing so becomes a Church as silence and good order. Noise belongs to theaters, and baths, and public processions, and market-places: but where doctrines, and such doctrines, are the subject of teaching, there should be stillness, and quiet, and calm reflection, and a haven of much repose. These things I beseech and entreat. St. John Chrysostom.

If you are a Rad Ttad chances are that you have a family member that screams during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. This man describes what it sounds during a typical Latin Mass......