How Many GLOCKS In Attendance At FSSP Rad Trad Latin Mass Parishes On Ash Wednesday?

Typical FSSP Rad Trad Back Seat On Any Given Sunday...

How Many Glocks?

Let's say two for every man woman and child...

With 300 in attendance - that's at least 600 GLOCKS at your average FSSP Parish.

Not including the GLOCKS on the Priests and Altar Boys...

As for Ammo?

Standard GLOCK holds 15 rounds.

FSSP Mommy's purse probably holds at least seven magazines 

That's 7 x 15 = 105 rounds in one purse

FSSP Daddy probably carries at least 2 magazines or about 30 rounds.

Same for the FSSP children.

Average FSSP Family has about 20 kids..

So all totaled I'd said about a 100,000 rounds is in attendance at your average FSSP Latin Mass Parish.