Royal DOOM! King Charles And Queen Consort Are Pelted With Eggs In York

Moment King Charles and Queen Consort are pelted with eggs by protester in York: Green Party candidate and XR activist shouts 'this country is built on blood of slavery' as he targets royal couple on walkabout before being hauled away by police

The protester who was arrested by police today for throwing eggs at King Charles and the Queen Consort in York is an Extinction Rebellion activist who once stood as a Green Party candidate, MailOnline can reveal. Patrick Thelwell was bundled to the ground by four police officers while screaming 'this country was built on the blood of slaves'. Meanwhile, onlookers shouted 'God save the King' and 'shame on you'. Footage shows four eggs flying past His Majesty and breaking on the ground beside him as he was greeted by city leaders. Charles briefly looked around to see the broken eggs, but otherwise barely reacted. He has been president of the University of York gardening society and, on a blog where he regularly writes about climate change, says he is preparing to study for a PhD in Interdisciplinary Global Development. Thelwell stood as a Green Party candidate in the 2019 local elections for the Hull Road Ward in York, which is now controlled by Labour. He has previously joined protests blocking London Bridge and a road leading to newspaper printing presses. Then PM Boris Johnson called the stunt 'completely unacceptable'. The royal couple were greeted by a line-up of local dignitaries lead by the Lord Mayor and local musician in historic dress known as The York Waits. But as the king and queen moved down the queue shaking hands, a single loud boo could be heard coming from from the pavement ahead of them and two eggs sailed over the heads of the dignitaries and landed by Charles' foot. He could be seen looking quizzically at the floor. Another flew close to the head one of the council representatives who turned and exclaimed angrily. It appears four eggs were thrown in all. Plain-clothed royalty protection and uniformed local police swiftly moved in and identified the culprit but struggled to contain him at first as the crowds were packed so tight. 'We've got him,' one yelled out. Today, North Yorkshire Police confirmed a 23-year-old man had been arrested on suspicion of a public order offence. Source