Steve Skojec's Change Of Heart On UFOs?

Skinwalker Ranch

"There’s a lot to talk about, too, especially on the UFO front. Sightings are ramping up, and Congress is due for another report on UFO activity by the end of the month. For my part, I have a growing suspicion that there really is crossover between the traditional understanding of entities like demons and the kind of scientifically-measurable-but-still-elusive phenomena that are going on at Skinwalker Ranch, which also happens to be a UFO hotspot. And I am going to write about it." Source

Steve Skojec is acknowledging that Space Aliens are demons of the darksome Atmosphere?

Skinwalker Ranch is haunted by strange events the same strange events as is witnessed at haunted places during the Witches Sabbath where demons are present. 

And this is what is going on at Skinwalker Ranch. The ranch is haunted by demons. The ranch was probably used  for a long time as a place for the Witches Sabbath. Hundreds if not thousands of years.

And here is St Basil the Great telling you what UAPs & UFOs actually are - DEMONS of our Lower Atmosphere: 

Saint Basil also, on Isaiah x, writes that the bodies of Demons are sometimes of air and sometimes of fire, and often compounded of both these elements: there can, indeed, be no doubt that the Demons take upon themselves just that kind of concrete body which answers the particular purpose which they have in view; and their different shapes and appearances may be said to be as limitless as those adopted by Proteus in his various forms. For just as the exhalations of the earth form themselves into clouds which, when shaken by the winds, take an infinite variety of shapes; so also do the Demons, by means of their fluency and rapid dexterity, shape their bodies from a concrete condensation of air and vapours into whatever form they desire. 

S. Basil again, on Isaiah ii, says that they often freakishly infest men in the form of a cat or a fly or a dog; Tamblicus (De Mysteriis Aegyptiorum: and Psellus (De Daemonibus) write that it is not possible to compute the various forms in which they busy themselves: for now they will confine themselves within the very smallest of bodies, and now dilate themselves into monstrous size; sometimes they appear as men, sometimes as women; they will roar like lions, or leap like panthers, or bark like dogs; and at times will transform themselves into the shape of a wineskin or some other vessel. Alvarado a Minues, Oviedo, and those who have written of the customs of the West Indians, testify to very frequent meetings with Demons appearing now in the shape of one animal, now in that of another. And here it is worth while to set down the various shapes and forms in which they have manifested themselves to the witches of our own time. DEMONOLATRY BK.I. CH.III. NICOLAS REMY 1595