Letter From A Distressed FSSP Rad Trad Housewife: My Gen X Husband Is A Raging Drunk Since He Became A Rad Trad....

Dear Kind and Caring Sir who is full of Wisdom and Hope:

My husband has become an abusive drunk.

He scares me.

He wears nothing but a wife beater Tee Shirt around the house. Always flexing his muscles anytime I step out of line. He always carries with him a rolled up newspaper to smack me on the noggin if I don't give into his demands. 

He started watching Rad Trad FSSP podcasts made by these bearded Gen Xers who sit around smoking Cigars drinking Whisky and complaining about the Pope.

My Husband has been brain washed by these horrible FSSPers.

He now goes to the gym to pump iron and watch bare chested men lift weights. 

He goes around the house yelling Oorah at everyone - frightening the children and kittens, and he is not even a Marine! 

He is making plans to live off the grid and buy a farm.

Our basement is full of survival food. He also has a stockpile of weapons down there - he says the FSSP Rad Trad Pod Casters told him to stockpile weapons and hoard food!

He tells me that I need to learn how to can and make my own clothes. He says if I don't do what he says he is going to marry an Amish girl that he has his eyes on.

Oh please help me.


At Wits End.