FSSP Using Stay At Home Holy Face Devotional Hour To Keep Souls Away From Jesus In The Blessed Sacrament Of The Altar At the Novus Ordo Parishes.

Strange? I thought why would FSSP Rad Trad Influencers push an at home devotional hour to the Holy Face?


A whole hour of devotion?

A whole hour at home?

That's one hour away from the gun range!

Doesn't make any sense.

So why this push?

Oh I see! the FSSP Rad Trad Influencers are pushing this stay at home devotional hour to keep you away from visiting Jesus in the Tabernacle at your Novus Ordo Parish.

That makes more sense.

Don't be fooled by these FSSP Rad Trad Influencers.

FSSP Rad Trad Influencers hate the real presence of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar.

Most if not all FSSP Rad Trad Influencers claim that Jesus isn't present at the Novus Ordo Parish.

These FSSP Rad Trad Influencers are a wicked lot, they are no better than witches. Both use Catholic devotions to destroy souls.

And one more thing, if you FSSPers are so enthusiastic in doing a whole hour of devotion at home every single night then why don't you do the same on Sunday morning when your little two year old or infant is out of control crying, whining, yelling, screaming, babbling, throwing fits etc and stay home and do your little devotional hour instead of bringing your out of control infant to Mass who disrupts the peace and tranquility of other during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass?


You FSSP numskulls just proved to us that you can stay at home for a whole hour doing your devotions so why not do the same with your out of control crying, whining, yelling, screaming, babbling, throwing fits infant? instead of disrupting the rest of us adults at Mass?


Because you're Jerks, Impious and Irreverent - wickedly so.

Oh and I bet when daddy is doing his at home one hour Holy Face devotion at night - it better be damn quiet! You better not disrupt daddy's quiet time! Or else!

Goes to show you how wicked the FSSP truly is. 


  1. I certainly miss going to Mass——but my confusion was over older priests ( now dead i.e Late Fr Luigi Villa) who said not to attend Novus Ordo Mass——My confusion also stems from what they wrote on invalid Vatican II new ordination rites——but, according to Melanie Calvat’s Lasalette prophecy, one now has “2 servile Popes”—-so Jesus must somehow still be present despite it all—-Who does one listen too (?)

    1. the church is holy because of her sacraments not because of its members. Jesus is still present in the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar at the new mass. Don't deny yourself in receiving Jesus at the new mass because of the bad behavior of the laity and the Priests. I go when I can't get to Latin Mass.And please the laity that attend the Latin Mass are just as bad as the ones that attend the new mass. ACT OF HOPE: "I hope most firmly (O Son of God and my Redeemer) by means of thy holy Sacraments to come to possess eternal glory." Again its the Sacraments of the Church that make the Church Holy not its members.

  2. Perhaps You are right—-Vatican II Sect Apostasy in the Church ( teaching + liturgy) but still the Promise of Jesus to remain with His Church ( despite the Sect) until the end of time—-I was afraid to go because of being “brainwashed “ + becoming an Apostate myself

    1. Go back and ignore the bad behavior of the Laity and Priests


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