Beware Of False Prophets: Rad Trads Taking A Rosary Pic Is Not The Same As Actually Praying The Rosary

Kind of like praying in the street for everyone to see.

I still contend Rad Trads have no devotional life.

And that's why a majority of them will find themselves on top a steep Mountain lying in wait to murder the Fatima Pope and faithful.


  1. The SSPX are apostate heretics also——These believe ( along with the FSSP) that one can attain salvation outside the Church—-and they follow the 1962 Mass of antichrist Freemason Roncalli ( John 23rd) instead of the original Tridentine Mass—-Blessed Mother said She would save the world with Her Rosary only ( as the abomination of desolation is widespread everywhere)——Don’t go to any Sect ( as the True Church is a remnant now in the catacombs)—-The battle now being waged is between the reptilian dragon ( of the Apocalypse) and the Blessed Mother

    1. "the True Church is a remnant now " True Church is composed of only you and a few followers? Are you saying that GOD does not keep His Promises? If so (and you are) you're the Heretic as well. You must be one of those evangelical converts...

    2. If one believes there’s safety in numbers ( SSPX + FFSP, Vatican II Sect ) then count the number on the ark who were saved—-Don’t believe the Blessed Mother nor the Holy Scriptures lie—-When Jesus returns will He find Faith ( the True Faith) on this Earth? Doubt it—-because the dragon, the “reptilian” will have its/his number in his meszmerizing false Mass + rituals—-This is why Blessed Mother will save the Earth ( Mediatrix)+ those who pray the Rosary —-because She fights against the dragon in the Book of Revelation/Apocalypse

    3. I’ll trust the promises of the Blessed Mother ( as GOD will speak through Her in the last days) not Vatican II, FSSP, SSPX, SSPV or any other sect ( with their man-made communism + freemasonry)that deviated from the Vatican I True Church

  2. One must also remember too the majority rule of the Arian heresy( long, long ago) versus one single Orthodox man, St Athanasius——Or perhaps the Jewish Messianists ( St James Jerusalem Church) who probably broke off of + away from the Jerusalem Church of St James ( perhaps because St James was not strict enough for them)and these had a difficult time with St Paul , with St Peter ( Antioch, then Rome) wavering between these Messianists + St Paul


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