Pope Francis: ‘The Doctor Has Told Me Not To Walk’

Pope Francis: ‘The Doctor Has Told Me Not to Walk’ 

Pope Francis said on Saturday that he continues to have problems with his leg, for which his doctor has ordered him not to walk. “There is a problem: This leg is not good, it does not work, and the doctor has told me not to walk. I like to go ... but this time I have to obey the doctor,” he said in a meeting with a Catholic pilgrimage group from Slovakia on April 30. At the end of his speech in the Vatican's Paul VI Hall, the Pope said he would not be able to walk to greet the Slovakian pilgrims. “For this I will ask you for the sacrifice of going up the stairs, and I will greet you from here, sitting,” he stated. “It is a humiliation, but I offer it for your country.” Source