Witch Ann Barnhardt Thought This Was Gonna Happen At The Fatima Consecration: Time To Burn The Witch Ann Barnhardt....

The Witch Ann actually posted this thinking that all of these items listed below would make an appearance at Pope Francis' Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart: 


Anti-Papal faux-consecration Bingo Card 

How many of the following will make an appearance at this Freemasonic monstrosity?

-Non-Catholic clergy

-Jewish rabbi

-musloid imam

 -South American pagan witch/witch doctor



-Hollywood/Pop Music celebrity

-“Buona sera”

-“Bishop of Rome”

-“Great Reset”

-declining to give a blessing so as not to offend non-believers

-declaration that Eastern Orthodoxy is of equal dignity to Catholicism

-declaration that all human beings regardless of beliefs are “the Communion of Saints”

-personification/deification of the Earth

-declaration that war is always morally impermissible under every circumstance

-Masonic burqa (facemask)


-LGBT representation

-Pachamama statue

-Black Pachamama bowl

-the Stang (triple word score)

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I think a GoFundMe should be created to raise money to burn the witch Ann Barnhardt at the stake