New Rad Trad Hero - The Prince Of Serbia Филип Карађорђевић Prince Philip Of Serbia

Prince Philip Of Serbia is New Darling of the FSSP Rad Trad Influencers for the following reasons:
  • Not a Roman Catholic!
  • Serb!
  • Nationalist!
  • Royalty! 
  • Monarchist!
  • Friends with Putin!
  • Guns!
  • Hates Pope Francis!
  • Hates the Papacy!
  • Serb Nationalism!
  • Serb Orthodox!
  • Eastern Spirituality!
  • Not The Roman Emperor!
  • Serb!
  • Married Clergy!
  • KGB!
  • Serb Orthodox!
  • Did I Say He Is From Serbia!?!
  • Hunting!
  • Guns!
  • And other such Anti Catholic beliefs......
  • All Hail Serb Nationalism!

Just  a heads up on the Rad Trad nonsense - I bet ex-Orthodox Serb Loving Timothy Flanders is the first to post a love letter to their Serb Hero

The above picture of the Serb Prince and his Royal wife kind of reminds me of some historical event that I rightly can not place....

fucking idiots....