Pope Francis Told Bishop: SSPX "Not Schismatic"

Francis Told Bishop: PiusX "Not Schismatic" 
Francis told former Chur Bishop Vitus Huonder, Switzerland, that the Society St PiusX “is not a schismatic community.” Huonder who lives at a PiusX school in Wangs, Saint Gall, told FSSPX.ch (September 26) that he went public with this anecdote to reassure people suffering from a “false argument.” This is Huonder's reason why he doesn’t want to preside the New Mass anymore which he used all his life, “I couldn’t do it anymore, because when you immerse yourself in the traditional Holy Mass, you simply come to this point where you feel there's no other way.” Traditionis custodes also touched his feelings. He was “very upset and sad” about it and even “cried.” Huonder didn't expect such a drastic measure and - had he still been in office - would have asked Francis to "get informed" - as if Francis' misdeed had not been done with knowledge and intention. According to unconfirmed rumors Huonder had to sign with PiusX that he will not celebrate priestly ordinations for the Fraternity of St Peter. Source

SSPX School Institut Sancta Maria, Wangs, Switzerland