How Long Before FSSP Rad Trad Influencer Ann Barnhardt Becomes A Eastern Catholic Nun?

Yeah...It looks like talkative Eastern Catholic Sr. Natalia does not keep a vow of silence so Ann would fit right in.

Can you imagine Ann and Natalia talking non-stop in their cells in the middle of the night......

Matt Fradd is a fucking asshole telling Sr. Natalia @ 3:50 that he would like a religious order whose sole job it is to look after families kids while parents go off in the desert for peace and quiet on a retreat!


Honestly these fucking parents bring their screaming crying infants to Mass and disturb the peace and quiet of the Sacred Liturgy as if it's their right and duty to disrupt the peace of mind of those in attendance and then Fucking Fradd has the gall to wish someone who would look after their screaming and crying kids so that they can go on a peaceful retreat! 


Really! What the Fuck is wrong with these morons! Just this past Sunday at Mass there was a couple sitting in the front row disturbing the Sacred Liturgy with a screaming and crying Infant for well over 80% of the Mass and then what do these fucking assholes of parents do? Yeah they received communion and walked out of the church with their screaming infant! So these assholes disrupt the Mass and then leave for a little quiet time out of the Church right after they receive Communion! Its like their sole purpose was to disrupt the Mass with their screaming infant and be the first to receive Communion and then leave! Could not one of you asshole parents take the screaming kid out during the Mass? No. So FUCK you to all you assholes parents who willfully and intentionally disrupt the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass with your screaming Infant.

Then you asshole parents expect peace and quiet for yourselves.



Yeah I bet Eastern Catholic Sr. Natalia has a stockpile of weapons and she knows how to use them.

Ann would fit right in.

OK so this is another example of the bizarre goings on in the ranks of the FSSP.