FSSP RAD TRADS Left A Note On My Windshield After Latin Mass: STUDY: Squirrels Have Personalities...But You DON"T!!

STUDY: Squirrels Have Personalities...

Squirrels have personalities too — just not as many as humans, study reveals
DAVIS, Calif. — A new study finds that friendly squirrel staring at you in the park has a personality — just like humans. Researchers from the University of California-Davis say these characteristics range from aggressive, to social or polite, to careful and shy. The team adds the furry-tailed rodents are more like people than previously believed. Their findings could help conservation efforts aimed at saving endangered species from extinction. “This adds to the small but growing number of studies showing that individuals matter,” says lead author and ecologist Dr. Jaclyn Aliperti, in a university release. “Accounting for personality in wildlife management may be especially important when predicting wildlife responses to new conditions, such as changes or destruction of habitat due to human activity.” Source