What's Fr. James Altman Doing In Dallas Texas?? When He Is Supposed To Remain In The La Crosse Diocese? Fr. James Altman at CPAC in Dallas, Texas. What?

OK this guy is a jerk.

On Friday in a video with FSSP knuckleheads called the Rundown, Fr Altman said that he could never leave his 90 year old parents even for one day because of their frail health. He said that he says mass in his house with them in attendance.  He also said that he would never leave the La Crosse Diocese to be a priest in Bishop Strickland's Diocese because he would never leave his very old and frail parents! He said this on Friday!


Then why are you in Dallas Texas? Two days later? 

Did your frail parents fly with you to Texas?

If you are in Texas at 10AM on Sunday then that means that you did not say Mass with your frail 90 year parents in attendance.

Did your parents then drive to Mass? while you were in Texas?

Didn't your Bishop say you are to reside within the La Crosse Diocese?  

Dallas is in TEXAS.

La Crosse is in WISCONSIN.

Since there are no direct flights to Dallas TX from the La Crosse Regional Airport, one can only assume that Fr. Altman had to fly to Chicago then to Dallas. Probably took at least six hours total.

This means that Fr. Altman left Saturday night for his flight to Dallas. 

Fr. Altman probably won't be back until some time next week.

And this means that Fr Altman has not resided in the La Crosse Dioceses for 3 or 4 days! And this is just after his Bishop sent him the notice to remain in the La Crosse Diocese

Oh and where did Fr Altman say Sunday Mass?

And where the "faithful" present?

Fr. Altman is a jerk.

The Bishop needs to excommunicate him TODAY!