Diocese Of Dijon On The Expulsion Of The Priestly Fraternity Of St. Peter (FSSP)

About the Priestly Fraternity of Saint-Pierre - Dijon

The diocese communicates:

Much misunderstanding was manifested after the announcement of the departure of the priests of the Fraternity of Saint Pierre in Dijon.

The announced transfer of one of the priests of the Fraternity has prompted the diocese to now minister to the group of faithful attached to the so-called Missal of Saint Pius V.

There is no question for the faithful to leave their place of celebration at the Birthplace of Saint Bernard.

Father Christian Baud and other diocesan priests are ready to ensure the celebration of Mass in the extraordinary form as well as the other sacraments.

For all other pastoral services, such as catechesis, patronage, scouting and other apostolic activities, families who so desire will find the best welcome in the local parishes of Saint Bernard de Fontaine and Saint Bernard de Dijon, or any other another parish of the diocese.

The Archbishop explained these changes to the President and to representatives of the Friends of the Basilica of Fontaine-lès-Dijon association during a meeting on May 28, 2021.

The diocese thanks the priests of the Fraternité Saint-Pierre for the services rendered during these last years. Entrusting the faithful now to diocesan priests will only strengthen their communion with the diocesan Church.

Many of the messages received are unfortunately revealing of a regrettable spirit of rejection of the “conciliar Church”. The change proposed by the diocese has no other goal than to strengthen ecclesial unity while respecting legitimate sensibilities. Source