FSSP SHILL Cardinal Burke The SSPX Is "Schismatic" SSPX Is “At The Present Moment Not Part Of The One Roman Catholic Church,”

Liberal Rigorism: PiusX Not Part Of The Church - Cardinal Burke

The Society of Saint Pius X (SSPX) is “at the present moment not part of the One Roman Catholic Church,” Cardinal Raymond Burke told Matt Fradd on YouTube.com (May 8, video quote below). Burke hopes that, in time, there will be a reconciliation with the Francis Church but he didn't elaborate whether such a reconciliation could be based on a "common Faith." However, Burke insisted that the position of PiusX is "schismatic." The Cardinal is aware that PiusX accepts the Pope but not “his governance of the Church with regard to themselves.” At least, he acknowledges that PiusX has accomplished a great good concerning the teaching of the Faith and the education of young people. In terms of a rigorous application of canon law that the Francis Church reserves only for Catholics in order to persecute and harass them, Burke is right. Source