FSSP Rad Trad Influencer Taylor Marshall Urges FSSP Chapels To Have Armed Security During Sunday Mass


OK here we go again.

Dr. Marshall is calling for FSSP laymen to carry guns during Sunday Mass in his latest video on the desecration of Catholic Churches and Statues.

One thing I noticed is that Marshall now includes Priests Nuns and Religious in his list of persecuted.

If you recall in his earlier video Dr. Marshall said that those who desecrate Catholic Churches are coming for the lay people next. Dr. Taylor Marshall left out the Priests Nuns and Religious. I thought this was strange for Dr Marshall to leave out the Priests Nuns and Religious as potential victims of persecution and I called him out on it in one of my blog posts and he must of read it because now he included Priests Nuns and Religious as potential targets in the persecution  in his latest video.

Guns do not belong on your person during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. It's probably a mortal sin.

The only ones carrying weapons during the Crucifixion were the Romans.

If you carry a firearm to Mass it goes to show you that you really don't understand that you are present at the Crucifixion during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. 

It goes to show you that you are not standing with the Blessed Mother and St. John but are standing with the Romans and the Jews.

Regardless - this is what is going to happen. Several FSSP laymen will come to Mass heavily armed and during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass a gun will accidently discharge and the heavily armed laymen will draw their weapons thinking that they are under attack and they will start shooting indiscriminately killing several - a stampede will then ensue causing the death of several.  And this all takes place during the HOLY SACRIFICE of the MASS.

And you FSSP idiots will have murdered close to 50 souls during the HOLY SACRIFICE of the MASS.

A word of advice - if you wicked souls really feel the need to bring a gun to Mass to protect those present - then please stand outside and guard the church. Don't bring your guns inside during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

Strapping a gun to your fat belly is not devotion.
Something is very wrong with the FSSP.

I bet you anything  that Dr Marshall already carries several firearms on his person during the Mass.

Forerunner To he Antichrist & His False Prophet
Both Products Of The FSSP


  1. Not a sin to carry firearms, not sure what kooky theology that is........

    1. Who said it was? I said it is a sin to carry weapons in front of the blessed sacrament during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Funny how you gun nuts don't know how to read. If you want to protect those attending Mass the please stand out side with your AK47 etc and stand guard in the rain sleet snow ice heat & cold...but you won't you would rather carrying a firearm inside the Church in close proximity of a few hundred people. Guarantee me that their won't be any collateral damage if you decide to do a pew pop.....


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