Taking An Undercover Operative To See Mr. Cor Orans & Senior Vatican Official - OK She Didn't Say Much But I Could Tell It Had Something To Do With The FSSP Nuns.....


No Words Spoken

I think she was undercover at a FSSP site somewhere in Europe. I don't know if she was a nun or lay person who attended the FSSP Chapels. She wasn't allowed to talk to me.

I had to pick her up at the CIA Headquarters Heliport in  Langley, Virginia, USA and drive to Washington DC to meet with  Mr. Cor Orans & Senior Vatican Official.

I gather it had something  to do about new directives from the Two Popes.

Rumor has it is that the CIA got to Josef Bisig and flipped him back in the Eighties. This took place  when William J. Casey was the CIA Director. So that means that Josef Bisig is an asset of the CIA.

Oh and those Jesuits.....

William J. Casey graduated from the Jesuit-affiliated and Catholic, Fordham University in 1934. He completed graduate work at the Catholic University of America before earning an LL.B. from another Catholic university, the St. John's University School of Law in 1937.

William J. Casey died in May 1987.

He was a member of the Knights of Malta.

Josef Bisig left the SSPX and Founded the FSSP on July 18, 1988 one year after the death of Casey 

I think the CIA is shutting down this FSSP operation.

The Vatican is shutting it down as well.

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