My White Room Torture Experience In Iran: Holy Water Cannot Help You Now. See, I Have To Burn Your Kingdom Down. And No Rivers And No Lakes Can Put The Fire Out. I'm Gonna Raise The Stakes. I'm Gonna Smoke You Out


White Room torture involves the stay of a prisoner in a cell or a box which has completely white walls. The sheets, prison clothes, door, lights, and everything else in the cell are white. Also, the food served is white rice. Furthermore, sensory deprivation is not only inflicted through the colour but also the absolutely mute environment. Therefore, there has to be pin-drop silence around the cell. The prisoner is kept in isolation and cannot talk to anyone. Even to use the toilet, the prisoner has to slip a white piece of paper from underneath the door to the guard. The slippers of the guards are padded so that the prisoner cannot hear any sounds, but the ones made by him.