SSPX Victory! LA County Health Inspectors Can No Longer Harass Worshippers At SSPX Our Lady of the Angels Church: Gary Voris And Christine Niles Are Outraged! Demand California Gov. Gavin Newsom Arrest The SSPX Worshipers And Demolish The SSPX Church.....

SSSPX parish in California freed from COVID-19 restrictions 

County health inspectors can no longer surveil and harass worshippers at Our Lady of the Angels Church near Los Angeles or attempt to otherwise enforce California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s COVID-19 regulations that banned indoor Masses and other religious services, an attorney for the Thomas More Society says. “All harassment should immediately cease, as the orders at issue were deemed unconstitutional and cannot be enforced,” attorney Paul M. Jonna told Catholic World Report. Jonna’s statements came hours after a California Superior Court judge issued a preliminary injunction against enforcement of California’s COVID-19 ban against indoor religious services. California Superior Court Judge Gregory Pulskamp ruled on Dec. 10 that Fr. Trevor Burfitt’s litigation against Gov. Newsom was likely to succeed with its argument that California’s COVID-19 regulations are a violation of constitutionally protected freedom of religion. Fr. Burfitt, prior of Our Lady of the Angels and other area churches belonging to the Society of Saint Pius X, sued Newsom and other California officials on Sept. 29, alleging violation of his rights under the California Constitution. Source 


  1. Umm... you are pulling names and attributing statements falsely.... It's "Michael Voris" not "Gary".... and they were happy that someone of faith challenged the devils in office. So, do the reporter's job.... (1) use facts (2) tell the truth (3) provide both sides of the story.

    At first, I thought this was a worthwhile site.... but you kinda blew that one out of the water with the B.S. misinformation above.

    Too bad... your claims of Bergolio (P. Francis) being a heretical anti-pope are well founded and supported by his heretical actions.

    1. Michale Voris first name is Gary. He changed it to Michael to sound more "Catholic"

      LOL! I never said Pope Francis is a Anti-Pope! LOL!

      Have you not read my take on the TWO POPES? Where have you been? You are lying about reading and following this blog....

      Oh and Gary is a Sodomite in case you didn't know.


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