Nice Martyrs Did Not Carrying Weapons On Them During The Holy Sacrifice Of The Mass: Simone Barreto Silva, Vincent Loquès, Nadine Devillers VERSUS Gun Totting Rad Trads Who Will Never Become Martyrs..


Vincent Loquès - Simone Barreto Silva - Nadine Devillers (Nice Martyrs)

These three faithful Catholics attend the new mass

These three faithful Catholic did not carry weapons on their person

These three faithful Catholics are the Nice Martyrs


Rad Trad


  1. The woman in the right picture is grossly indecent. These people are modernists, not martyrs.

    1. All three were murdered because they were Catholic. They are martyrs.

      You must be a convert.

      You should read up on the Catholic martyrs from times past.

      The Church gives many examples of many weak and bad Catholics who had their sins forgiven them when they were martyred.

      Carrying a weapon on your person during mass guarantees that you will never be martyred but instead will be a murderer (self defense of


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