Investigative Reporter Christine "Viet Cong" Niles Admits To Only Finding Three Out Of 637 SSPX Priests Who Were Accused Of Abuse.....0.00470957613%.....

Viet Cong Woman Soldier

Keeping things in perspective 

As of 22 April 2018,[48] the society had 637 priests present in 37 countries and active in 35 more, 772 Mass centers, 167 priories, 123 religious brothers, 200 religious sisters, 79 oblates, 204 seminarians in six seminaries, 56 pre-seminarians in three pre-seminaries, more than 100 schools, 7 nursing homes, 4 Carmelite convents, 19 Missionary Sisters of Kenya, and 2 university-level institutes.  Source

Three SSPX Priests accused out of 637 that's less than one percent.

Here is Viet Cong Niles list of the THREE SSPX priests ACCUSED of abuse:

There's more?

I doubt it..

Viet Cong Niles is out of ammunition...