FSSP Gun Culture: FSSP Priest Monsignor John Fritz Orders Firearms Training For Parishioners + Demands The Laity Must Be Packing Heat During The Holy Sacrifice Of The Mass!

St. Stanisław Was Slain While He Was Celebrating Mass
FSSP Refuse To Be Slain While Saying Mass

No doubt influenced by the FFSP Lay Monster Ann Barnhardt and the Fr. Z...

Hey! Morons who had ALL the weapons during the Crucifixion? 

1. Jesus 
2. Blessed Mother 
3. St. John 
4. St Mary Magdalene 
5. Roman Soldiers

Really and truely I can't get over the fact how right I have been about the gun nuts occupying the Latin Mass pews.

These men who are packing heat have no love for God and are devoid of devotion and piety.

I am waiting for the day when these godless gun nuts shoot each other by mistake during the holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

If these morons don't kill each other during Mass then chances are they will murder the Fatima Pope and faithful on top a Steep Mountain as our Lady of Fatima had said.

This analysis is way too easy....

I bet the FFSP Priest Monsignor John Fritz is packing heat while he is saying Mass.

Here from the FSSP web site for a laugh:

                                                                       Appropriate Attire 

To dress becomingly for God and neighbor, and in keeping with the reverence due to the Blessed Sacrament, kindly refrain from wearing shorts, tee-shirts, tank-tops, revealing blouses, sleeveless or backless dresses, form-fitting clothing of any sort, or any other raffish clothing. Do let your dresses and skirts fall below your knees. Ladies are highly encouraged to cover their heads whilst in church according to Apostolic Tradition and Sacred Scripture (see 1 Cor. 11:2-16); men are highly encouraged to wear suits and ties, or at least dress slacks and collared shirts. With due regard to time and circumstance, we encourage all to wear decorous attire befitting the sacred place and divine worship.

Are you kidding me?

So Father is it Appropriate to carrying firearms during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass?


What a bunch of godless morons...

Here's the story:

SOUTH BEND, INDIANA — The National Catholic Reporter first posted the story about the pastor who invited 12 men to undertake arms training to protect St. Stanislaus Church, in light of a drastic increase of vandalism and violence against Catholic Churches, statues, and shrines in the United States in 2020.

On September 1st, Msgr. John Fritz, the pastor of St. Stanislaus, Bishop and Martyr, invited parishioners to volunteer for firearms training after a parish picnic at the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge, on September 13th.

The training was organized by a police officer, who is a parishioner of St. Stanislaus.

"We have spots for about 12 men who have no (or little) experience in shooting," Msgr. Fritz wrote in an email to parishioners. "There will be a briefing on safety rules and training/practice to go from low ready to fire position, reload, fire again and return to safe."

"We would like any man who wants to be included in the physical defense of the parish to be present to discuss and go over tactics for possible situations at St. Stanislaus that would require the use of firearms," Fritz wrote.

St. Stanislaus is an Apostolate of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter (FSSP) and only provides the Extraordinary Form of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, also known as the Tridentine Mass or Traditional Latin Mass. Msgr. Fritz is also a member of the FSSP.

The Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend offered a written statement to the National Catholic Reporter about the firearms training and the possibility of parishioners expressing their right to carry:

"St. Stanislaus parish in South Bend is in the early stages of exploring security needs for the parish, taking into account the prospect that certain situations could include the need for defensive use of firearms. Discussions of this nature are not uncommon in church communities across the country. A law enforcement officer at the parish is offering safety training for parishioners who may legally carry firearms; they are not being trained to provide the armed security of the parish."

The statement also expressed that while Indiana law allows for legal possession of firearms in churches, "Bishop Rhoades expressed his preference that public or professional security personnel provide for public safety on church property if needed, rather than parishioners carrying firearms in churches."

In Christ Crucified and the Most Victorious Heart of Jesus.

Who's Packing?


  1. Do people lose their right to defend themselves from unjust attack when they enter a church?

    Maybe you could vote democrat so that the government will take everyone's guns away and this won't be a "problem" anymore.

    1. Catholics don't vote

      Democracy is protestant.

      Or don't you study history.

      You must be a convert.

      You blasphemy the Blessed Sacrament when you and yours strap a gun to your fat belly while attending the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

  2. Honestly the virulently anti-gun rhetoric on this blog is a little strange for a site that is more or less traditional Catholic. You're from Chicago or something, right? Where did you get this anti-gun fanaticism? Nancy Pelosi?

    1. Again, you blaspheme the Blessed Sacrament when you strap a gun to your fat belly while receive the Blessed Sacrament during Communion.

      Please post me when you and yours get in a gun fight at the FSSP chapel you attend.

      Oh and one of the reasons that the Vatican will one day shut down the FSSP is the gun fights that take place during their Masses..

    2. I sure don't want to attend church where you do. You will be slaughtered like a sheep by any raghead or psycho or commie who wants to shoot the place up.

      Oh, and it's not martyrdom if you get murdered in church by a crazy man, sorry.

      And if it's a sin to attend Mass while armed, how do you explain this picture from World War II? Sure looks to me like the altar boy has a knife at least. https://www.barnhardt.biz/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/img_2928.jpg

    3. Oh I see link from the crazy convert lady....

      Oh and hey you must be convert as well - you say "Oh, and it's not martyrdom if you get murdered in church by a crazy man, sorry."

      You don't know this but the English Protestants in the 1500's used the same reasoning as you do now - they accused the Roman Catholics of Treason and then executed them so that the Roman Catholic would not be considered Martyrs. God knows they died for the faith.

      Same for you. Men and woman attending Mass who are murdered are Martyrs in God's eyes. Not yours.

      Oh and I believe that St Matthew was killed during Mass. So according to your reasoning St Matthew is no Martyr.

      You are another reason why I hate "converts".

      This is your stupid and godless statement:

      "Oh, and it's not martyrdom if you get murdered in church by a crazy man, sorry."

      Tell that to all the Catholic Martyrs that were killed while attending Mass.

      Again you nothing but a false convert.

  3. You need to go read Luke 22: 35-36, at the Last Supper in which Our Lord tells the Apostles the time will come in which his disciples should "sell their cloaks and buy a sword." He did not object when they showed Him two swords-- and this was at the First Mass.

    Catholics are not pacifists like the Quakers other Protestant sects. And despite Pope Francis's personal opinions, the Magisterium says the State has the right to impose Capital Punishment.
    --Adrian Johnson

    1. 1. "And he will shew you a large dining room, furnished; and there prepare."

      The upper room was already adorned.

      Adorned with everything needed for the first Mass including the Two swords that were outside where the first Mass took place.

      2. The Mass was over when they spotted the Two Swords as they were leaving.

      There were no weapons of any kind on their person when Christ said the first Mass.

      You FSSPers are foolish and gun crazed.



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