Der Kommissar's In Town And Was Following Me Around After Attending Latin Mass One Hour Away....

I guess if the lyrics are in German then the lyrics are not filthy?

Here's another Commissar:

Commissar For The Memores Domini:

Hardly had he returned to the monastery Mater Ecclesiae, that Benedict XVI. received a surprise that is as unusual as it is unpleasant. The Memores Domini Community, whose sisters live with him in the monastery, manage the household and look after him, was placed under the Provisional Administration by Pope Francis.....Francis has appointed Jesuit Father Gianfranco Ghirlanda, who until his retirement, was a professor of canon law at the Roman Jesuit University Gregoriana. He is to perrform the "revision process" for the statutes of the Memores Domini. Source

What does this mean for Benedict?

Don't know.

I do know that Benedict will be the first Pope to die......

Der Kommissar's in town, whoa oh oh
You're in his eye and you'll know why
The more you live, the faster you will die
Alles klar, Herr Kommissar?