My North Korean Handler/Girl Friend Kim Yo-jong Must Have The "Han" Because I Think She Trying To Kill Me - She Just Blew Up The Inter-Korean Liaison Office That I Was Living In....LOL!

I was in love with a Korean girl but she had the "hahn".

What the f*ck is a "hahn"?

It's this... ancient kind of thing with Korean women.

The women become like "Lady Vengeance".

They try to kill you.

And they can't help themselves because of years of repression.

I didn't know going in and... I learned a lot.

- It's a cultural thing?

- Yeah, yeah.

Hard Drive John Cusack, Thomas Jane

North Korea bombed inter-Korean liaison office near border amid growing tensions

North Korea admitted Tuesday to bombing an inter-Korean liaison office building just north of the border with South Korea as tensions continue to escalate on the Korean peninsula.

South Korea’s Unification Ministry, which handles relations with North Korea, confirmed to NBC News that the liaison office in the North Korean border town of Kaesong was demolished “by bombing” on Tuesday afternoon local time.

“We confirm that NK demolished the inter-Korean liaison office in Gaesong Industrial Complex by bombing at 14:49 KST (01:49 ET)," a spokesperson said.

North Korean state news agency, KCNA, also reported Tuesday that the joint liaison office was "completely ruined."

South Korea's national security council has convened a meeting in the wake of the office's destruction, a spokesperson for the country's presidential office told NBC News.

The country's Ministry of Defense said it was monitoring North Korean military movement around the clock and is maintaining “resolute military posture.”

“We are making full effort to manage the situation stably so that the situation does not escalate into a military crisis,” the ministry said in a statement. “If North Korea carries out military provocation, our military will respond with powerful force,” it added.

On Friday, North Korea said it was pulling away from its relationship with the U.S. two years after a historic handshake between Trump and Kim Jong Un in Singapore and nearly a year after Trump took an unprecedented step onto North Korean soil, saying there had been no actual improvement in ties.

Earlier this month, North Korea threatened to permanently shut the liaison office with South Korea as it condemned its rival for failing to prevent activists from sending anti-North Korean leaflets across the border.  Source