Garces High School Student Jacqueline Sala’s Statement VERSUS Her Teacher Timothy Gordon's Official Statement

Teenage Girl Vs. Thug Brother Gordon

Read Jacqueline Sala’s statement below:

Garces teaches us to open our hearts to repent of racist attitudes, behaviors, and speech which demean others. Garces teaches us to open our ears to hear the cries of those wounded by racial discrimination, and their passionate appeals for change. Garces teaches us to have courage to seek equality for all in our communities.

It is these principles that have guided and inspired me throughout my years at Garces and what motivated me to denounce the tweets posted by theology teacher Tim Gordon. Those tweets were antithetical to the values Garces has instilled in me and in my fellow students. I heard the cries of those wounded by discrimination and unequal treatment. My school also heard those cries and acted swiftly to terminate a teacher who advocated the use of unjustified lethal force, for denigrating an organization that seeks equal justice, and for denigrating and mocking the sexual orientation of others.

Our principal, Myka Peck, demonstrated exceptional courage and leadership in not condoning the comments made by Mr. Gordon. It was the right thing to do. It is such leadership and courage that instills immeasurable pride in me to be a part of the Garces family. I could not be prouder of my school.

It could have been easier, perhaps, for the school to disregard Mr. Gordon’s public comments or to issue a reprimand, but to do so would have ignored the grave impact his comments had on the importance of equality and tolerance, and the rejection of racism, bigotry and inequality. Inaction would have left the impression that our school affirmed the unlawful acts and bigoted comments reflected in Mr. Gordon’s tweets. This would have been intolerable and contrary to what Garces strives to achieve in instilling strong moral values and providing a superlative Catholic education.

I am grateful that we have a strong and courageous principal who is willing to reject intolerance and bigotry. I am grateful that we have a principal who is willing to stand for the virtues of our Catholic faith and upon which our country was formed — that all persons are created equal.




Timothy Gordon's Statement