Urbi et Orbi Blessing


  1. Urbi et Orbi ('to the city [of Rome] and to the world') denotes a papal address and apostolic blessing given by the pope on certain solemn occasions.

    The Urbi et Orbi address and blessing is the most solemn form of blessing in the Catholic Church, and is reserved for the most solemn occasions.

    These occasions include Easter, Christmas, and the proclamation of a newly elected pope concluding a conclave but not during plagues.

    Why dies he think that a God given Chastizement for Apostasy (Pachenama, priestly sodomites ect. among many other things since Vatican II) and that has come in the form of a pestilence is a "solumn occation"?

    He himself said, 'Mother Nature (aka Pachemama) is having a fit because if ecological sins.' Sorry folks that's paganism - Francis is worse then a heretic he's a pagan.

    This is not the tine for an Ubi et Orbi. It's time for repentance and the Seven Penetential Psalms.

    What's more he's refused the Easter rites while honoring a demon - Pachemama who was known as the Sumarian goddess Ninshursag in ancient times.

    Shameful. Disgraceful. Be warned.

    God Bless


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