RAD TRADS Freaking Out Over Paintings Depicting The Virgin Mary With Arms Across Chest!

Demented Rad Trads flipping out over the Clergy crossing their arms over their chests - it Freemasonic Pachamama Paganism!

Ridiculous comments of a sensual Rad Trad Dave Domet who never knew a night when he wasn't in the arms of one of his two wives....

You've probably seen the video of this disgraceful concert at the Vatican audience hall where a young woman from the Amazon came up and said the worlds above to the left. Look at these silly people giving themselves over to Satan. Look at these wretched effeminate clerics. But look what else. Look at that hideous and so-called "pectoral" cross of Bergoglio. Is this where the crossed arms come from, never before seen in an image of Christ or is it the Masonic action below. These people are devils and Bergoglio is the ringleader. Source

I really do believe that the majority of Rad Trads who have usurped all things Traditional and occupy the Latin mass pews are the wicked children of Satan - remember Satan always steals from the church to give gifts to his wicked children (heretics) so it appears that the heretics were the first to possess the true Catholic devotions dogmas ceremonies etc...only they corrupt the gifts of the Church.

Like the heretics of old these Rad Trads now possess the Traditions of the Church as handed over to them by Satan.