RAD TRAD Steve Skojec Now Flirting With BARNHARDTISM! Another One Bites The Dust....LOL!

This is what you get when you worship the Papacy.

Another bites the dust..

“What if Benedict is somehow still the pope?”

 “I think Francis may have lost the office of the papacy through heresy, and we just don’t have an official judgment on it yet.”

And yet I’m sympathetic to the temptation, because I have no idea how to explain in any way that is remotely satisfying how a man like Jorge Bergoglio can occupy the papal office if infallibility is truly any kind of guarantee that the Church and the pope will not lead us into error and sin. I believe I understand the teaching on a universally elected pope, and I believe it demands our assent. But in the face of what we are confronted with, I can’t preclude the possibility that I’ve missed something. Source

What will these LAYMAN do when Benedict dies?