MORE POPE FRANCIS ROME DOOM! Rome Is Blanketed In Putrid Smoke

Rome is blanketed in putrid smoke and residents are ordered to stay indoors after 'arson attack' at waste disposal plant hated by locals 

A huge fire at a waste disposal plant has blanketed Rome in putrid smoke and forced authorities to scramble to find alternative facilities to treat the Italian capital's trash. The Salaria plant, which treats about 800 tons of waste - some 25 per cent of the city total - each day, has been put out of operation indefinitely. The plant has been the subject of protests for years by residents complaining of putrid smells and demanding its closure, and authorities suspect the fire, which broke out overnight, was an arson attack. The huge fire sparked shorter-term health concerns, and while no health emergency was declared, Rome authorities urged residents to close their windows and stay indoors. Source